Are You Ruled By the Dead?

“An ancient initiate once said that the living are ruled by the dead. Only those conversant with the Eleusinian concept of life could understand that statement. It means that the majority of people are not ruled by their living spirits but by their senseless (hence dead) animal personalities.” ~Manly P. Hall

Going scary zombieWe certainly don’t think of ourselves as being ruled by the dead. We don’t pray to zombies, or even our ancestors as people do in some parts of the world. But we do it in essence by the way we do things. Despite much changes in the world in the past hundred years, many insist on doing the work their parents and great grandparents did. “If it was good enough for Grand Dad, it’s good enough for me!” They say, or something very similar. It is good for us to learn from the past, but we also have to live in the present and prepare for the future at the same time. Continue reading “Are You Ruled By the Dead?”


The Value of Humility and Ego Control


“A man cannot be egotistic if he has true knowledge. In other words, in samadhi man becomes one with God and gets rid of his egotism. True knowledge is impossible without samadhi. In samadhi man becomes one with God. Then he can have no egotism.” ~Ramakrishna

“In samadhi the ego is dropped. Now you don’t have any limitation, no definition, you are merged with the whole—but merged with the whole in a tremendous awareness. You are not asleep. Worries have disappeared, because worries exist only with the ego.” ~Osho

“It is on account of the ego that one is not able to see God. In front of the door of God’s mansion lies the stump of ego. One cannot enter the mansion without jumping over the stump.” ~Ramakrishna

“Ego has usurped the throne of God, and you suffer in the absence of Divine grace. Let go of your ego, and God’s grace will flow into you.” ~Dancolin Flamiano

Businessman CrownThroughout the ages gurus, prophets, and spiritual teachers of all sorts have told us that egotism is preventing us from rising above the muck of the world of matter and experiencing the much greater worlds of spirit. Yet we can see all around us that we have not only ignored this advise for the most part, we actually honor those with overblown egos as heroes! We give Donald Trump a TV show! We call LeBron James  “The King”. We elect congress persons, senators, and even presidents based on those who best express their extreme egotism in the primaries, then wonder how we ended up with a government where those who are supposed to be taking care of the country are instead only promoting themselves. Continue reading “The Value of Humility and Ego Control”


Why The Material World is a World of Duality

“Now to the content of the divine order, the fixed quality, the measurelessness and so forth—there is opposed the content of the evil principle, its unfixedness, measurelessness and so forth: total is opposed to total. The existence of the one genus is a falsity, primarily, essentially, a falseness; the other genus has Essence-Authentic; the opposition is of truth to lie. … But why does the existence of the Principle of Good necessarily comport the existence of a Principle of Evil? Is it because the All necessarily comports the existence of matter? Yes, … the nature of this cosmos is, therefore, a blend; … what comes into it from God is good; evil is from the Ancient Kind which, we read, is the underlying matter not yet brought to order by the Ideal-Form.” ~Plotinus

Yin and Yang fantasy with angelsOne of the hardest things for many to accept is that God and evil both exist. They think that if there is a God then everything that exists must be His creations. And since God is, by definition, Good, nothing evil can come from Her. And that is quite true as far as it goes: evil cannot have its source in God, and an evil creation cannot be created by God. Where they err is in the assumption that everything was created by God.

Another reason why opposites must exist is because of the creation by the fallen angels of matter. God created spirit. And only spirit. The fallen one created matter by taking some of the spirit created by God and changing it, splitting its essences into two. Because matter is spirit that has been split, divided, opposites exist in the realm of matter. It cannot be otherwise. Others have also pointed out that it is hard to know what is good if there isn’t something to contrast it with. It would be like painting a canvas solid black and calling it; “Lovers Kissing at Midnight”. It could be just what you called it, but nobody can really tell because they just see solid black. Or a solid white canvas labeled “A snowman in a blizzard”. The label is meaningless because there is no contrast. Continue reading “Why The Material World is a World of Duality”

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Random Thoughts 12-28-2014

I love the story on the news this week about the homeless man who was given $100 and then secretly followed to see what he spent it on. The young guy expected to get pictures of the guy wasting it on booze, but instead he bought food and shared it with other homeless people.


I find it interesting that the very people who marched and gave speeches against abortion and said they could not be held responsible when a few wackos distorted that message and shot abortion doctors or bombed the clinics, are now saying the marchers against police brutality are responsible for a nut killing two cops.


Were the North Korean agents who fought against the release of the film “The Interview” really foolish enough to hack Sony Pictures and not realize it would just increase demand for what would otherwise have been an obscure comedy, or have we all been scammed and the “hacking” was really done by the makers of the film? Maybe not, but it certainly seems at this point like the whole think backfired if the intent was to keep people from seeing a movie about Dim Poo Dung (I’m using a fake name for him so I won’t get in trouble). By the way, I questioned last week why the news was calling this a failure of U. S. internet security when Sony id a Japanese company. I now understand what happened. The news media was lying when they said Sony was hacked. Sony is a Japanese company with it’s headquarters in Tokyo and they were not hacked. Sony Picture, a U. S. subsidiary of Sony was hacked, but the media never says that, which is lying.


A last-minute addition: Prayers go out to the passengers and crew of the missing Air Asia Jet. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 12-28-2014”