“I am drawn by the law of spiritual gravitation towards union with the Universal Soul and can no more escape return there than the mortal elements of man can escape their return to dust. Man sees glory by the reflected light of glory within him, he knows love by the love within himself. The sun is seen by the light of the sun and not by any light within man. Man sees the spirit by the light of the spirit, and not by the light within his mortal self. Only by the light of the spirit can the spirit of man be lit. … I am your own true self which should be forever cherished. By listening to my whispers, by letting your thoughts dwell on me and by knowing me, the whole glory of the greater spheres is opened unto you.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:17:10-11

IntuitiveHealing2This section of the Kolbrin Bible may be confusing because of the change in voice. In most of the previous sections, it was fairly obvious that the speaker was God. In this section, the speaker is our own souls. Our souls are telling us what we need to do to awaken them and the vale of doing so.

First, our Soul informs us that it is drawn by a kind of spiritual gravity to the Universal Soul and cannot escape that attraction. This can create a small problem for highly developed spiritual people because once the soul is awakened, it wants to return to heaven, to the Universal Soul, to God. The spiritual person must fight against this desire to stay here and serve man out of his love for doing so.

The next few sentences can be confusing. First, we are told that man knows glory by seeing the reflected light of glory within himself, which seems to indicate that we should look within ourselves for spiritual enlightenment, not to some external God, Heaven or spiritual realms. And that is exactly what many of the instant spiritual schools and teachers that have popped up in recent years teaches. Before you fall for this, you have to ask yourself if you really think that Adolph Hitler would have found God if he looked deep inside himself, or the same for Saddam Hussein, Ganghis Khan, Charles Manson, or any other despot, dictator, or serial killer. The answer is, of course, not they would not. If anything, they would have found a demon, a devil hiding deep within themselves.

The nest part of the quote tells us that just as we find sunlight in the sun, we find spiritual light in spirit. That indicates that rather than looking within, we need to look out into the higher dimensions of spirit. And to “see” into higher dimensions, we must raise our frequencies closer to the frequencies those dimensions operate at. So meditating, at least as it is taught by many schools these days, and looking within ourselves, which lowers our frequencies to match those of bugs and rats, is not the solution. Yet we do need to look within at times to better understand ourselves and cleanse ourselves mentally as well as physically. Once that is done, though, we need to look outside of ourselves to take in the spiritual Light of the Spiritual Sun, and to communicate with spiritual beings that exist in higher dimensions, not within us.

Finally, our soul tells us in the last part of the quote to listen to his whispers and let our thoughts dwell on him so the greater spheres will be opened to us. In other words, no matter how hard or how long we seek with the mind to understand the spiritual, we will fail. Only spirit can understand spirit, so if we want to understand spiritual dimensions and the spiritual beings that dwell their, we must awaken our spirits and souls which are capable of such communication. We wouldn’t think much of a mechanic who tries to remove screws with a hammer instead of a screwdriver, so don’t use the wrong kind of tools to awaken or understand the spiritual worlds.


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