“Man has it in his power to perfect himself and, in time, completely to transform himself. But this transformation must take place in his innermost self, in his thought-life. It is not enough that I show respect only in my outward bearing; I must have this respect in my thoughts. The student must begin by absorbing this devotion into his thought-life. He must be wary of thoughts of disrespect, of adverse criticism, existing in his consciousness, and he must endeavor straightaway to cultivate thoughts of devotion. Every moment that we set ourselves to discover in our consciousness whatever there remains in it of adverse, disparaging and critical judgment of the world and of life; every such knowledge brings us nearer to higher knowledge.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Transformation1Steiner understood frequencies, even if he doesn’t use the word. He knew that negative thinking and judgmental thinking drew to us more of the same. So to try to communicate with higher spiritual beings, angels and Beings of Light, when we are in such a mental state isn’t likely to succeed. It’s like trying to listen to classical music when you have the radio tuned to a hard rock station. Our not going to hear the classical music until you turn to the correct frequency, and your not going to tune into higher beings when your thought frequencies are negative and judgmental. You might tune into some demon that operates at those low frequencies, but I certainly hope that isn’t what you want.

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, we can’t just decide to stop being negative and it happens. We have to work at it over time. We have to catch ourselves thinking wrongly and correct it. And in the evening, before going to sleep, we have to review our day and note where we thought or behaved in a negative and judgmental way. Just recognizing that we have done this goes a long way in helping end it.

When we are in a positive, high-frequency state of mind, we should practice the spiritual techniques that will awaken and nourish our Light Spirit and Soul. The only certain way to end negative and judgmental thinking is to develop a fully enlightened soul which is immune to the falsehoods and illusions of the material world and therefore, doesn’t get negative. But we do have to work at it.

It saddens me when I see so-called spiritual groups on social media sharing message that say things like, “Stop seeking perfection. You are fine just as you are.” While I understand the point that they are trying to make, which is that people need to stop putting themselves down for being less that perfect, accepting what you are doesn’t mean you should not work at being better. You can accept that you did well in grade school, and still go to high school. You can accept that being a high school graduate is a good thing, yet still pursue a college degree. Likewise, you can accept that you are just fine as you are, but you can still pursue a higher you, a more perfect you, by awakening and developing your spiritual faculties.


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