Random Thoughts 11-30-2014

From the Gospel of Philip

BAPTISM: When you say you will die first and then rise, you are wrong. If you are not resurrected in life, you will receive nothing when you are dead.

In other words, you have to awaken the spirit and soul now, while you are in your material life, or it will separate from you when you die and leave you behind.

THE WORLD EATS BODIES: The world eats bodies, and everything eaten in the world dies, Truth eats life, but no one fed on truth will find death.

That which kills and eats other beings is doomed to die, therefore the physical body can never be immortal. But the spirit and soul eat the Light from God, the Light of Truth, so they are immortal.

CREATION: The world came into being through error. The agent who made it wanted it to be be imperishable and immortal. He failed.

The fallen angels who created the worlds of matter failed to create an immortal world because they lost their immortality when they defied God, so they cannot create something immortal. Yet, the worlds of matter have the potential to become immortal again by letting God and His agents turn it back into spirit.


I saw a news article this week about the worst parasites in the world. The article left out one” man. While not all of us fit that description, fortunately, a great many do. We take from the planet and from others without giving much of anything back. That is the mark of a parasite. And while those listed in the article may cause thousands, even millions of deaths, man, in his arrogant disregard for the environment he live in, probably does more damage than all of them together.


The TV networks are already canceling some new shows after only a few episodes. I never reveal what shows are my favorites as that seems to guarantee they will be canceled.


In the story about police shooting a twelve-year-old boy “playing with a toy gun”, I think the police did the right thing under the circumstances. The biggest failure was that the 911 dispatcher failed to inform the police that both callers thought the gun might be a fake. If you think a pellet gun is a toy, you need to read reviews of them on Amazon where buyers talk about how good they are at killing small animals and how well they can protect you by putting someone’s eye out. The fact is that these guns are not purchases as toys and they are not used to play cops and robbers. They are used by punks to kill birds and small animals, and sometimes to shoot other kids they don’t like.


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Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm. Do not submit to desires, but try to control them. One who cannot restrain his mind cannot restrain his action; one who cannot restrain his actions cannot restrain himself; and one who cannot restrain himself cannot attain his real Infinite Self.” ~Meher Baba



cold winter morning
wrapped in blankets-


Spirit is Drawn to Spirit

“I am drawn by the law of spiritual gravitation towards union with the Universal Soul and can no more escape return there than the mortal elements of man can escape their return to dust. Man sees glory by the reflected light of glory within him, he knows love by the love within himself. The sun is seen by the light of the sun and not by any light within man. Man sees the spirit by the light of the spirit, and not by the light within his mortal self. Only by the light of the spirit can the spirit of man be lit. … I am your own true self which should be forever cherished. By listening to my whispers, by letting your thoughts dwell on me and by knowing me, the whole glory of the greater spheres is opened unto you.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:17:10-11

IntuitiveHealing2This section of the Kolbrin Bible may be confusing because of the change in voice. In most of the previous sections, it was fairly obvious that the speaker was God. In this section, the speaker is our own souls. Our souls are telling us what we need to do to awaken them and the vale of doing so.

First, our Soul informs us that it is drawn by a kind of spiritual gravity to the Universal Soul and cannot escape that attraction. This can create a small problem for highly developed spiritual people because once the soul is awakened, it wants to return to heaven, to the Universal Soul, to God. The spiritual person must fight against this desire to stay here and serve man out of his love for doing so. Continue reading “Spirit is Drawn to Spirit”


Open the Soul to the Beauty of the Good

“For the present we are less intent to the Vision, and cannot yet open the eyes of our mind to behold the incorruptible and incomprehensible beauty of that Good; but then we shall see it, when we have nothing at all to say of it. For the knowledge of it is a Divine Silence, and the rest of all the senses; for neither can he that understands that, understand something else, nor he that sees that, see anything else, nor hear any other thing, nor in sum move the Body. For shining steadfastly upon and round the whole mind, it enlighteneth all the Soul; and loosing it from the bodily senses and motions, it draweth it from the body, and change it wholly into the Essence of God.

“For it is possible for the Soul, O Son, to be deified while yet it lodgeth in the body of man, if it contemplate the beauty of the Good.” ~Hermes

SpiritMan2JIn other words, the human brain/mind is not capable of really understanding the worlds of spirit and the beings that dwell their, especially God. Because of this, men have tried to create God, angels, and other spiritual being in their image rather than learning what they truly are. We see ridiculous things like paintings of angels with bird wings growing out of their backs, and many people take that image literally rather than being symbolic. Since angels are spirits, and spirits have no weight and exist outside of the limitations of space and time, why would they need wings? An angel can float better that the best hot air balloon and can travel from one place to another faster than the fastest jet. Yet we keep seeing them depicted in paintings and movies as actually having the feathered wings of bird. Likewise, God is often shown as an old man sitting on a cloud and watching what we are doing on Earth. First, it is very egotistical of us to think that with the enormity of the universes, both physical and spiritual, that God would be spending most of His time watching Earth and the strange things happening hear. Second, God isn’t an old man since time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realms. In fact, He isn’t a man at all despite the fact that, by the conventions of English and many other languages, we refer to Him with masculine words. Continue reading “Open the Soul to the Beauty of the Good”


Thanksgiving 2014

I have much to be thankful for, as do all of us if we think about it and look at the positive rather than the negative:

For starters, of course, I am thankful to be alive at age 66. Many don’t make it that far.

I am thankful that I have made it this far in fairly good health. I do take drugs for high blood pressure (more on that later).

I am thankful that I had the good sense to recognize at the beginning of this year that I was getting dangerously obese. Further, I am thankful that I had the good sense and willpower to do something about it. I joined a fitness center where I work out 3 times a week, stopped eating junk food and switched to a diet of mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetable and lean meat and fish (also organic when I can find it). A few months ago, I added long walks to this lifestyle change. I have lost 70 pounds and feel much better. I stopped taking one of the two blood pressure drugs several months ago and I’m now taking only half a pill of the other each day, yet keeping my pressure down simply because of the weight loss and some breathing exercises that lower blood pressure and also help you lose weight.

I am thankful for good friends and relative.

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