“After changing from linear to spherical perception (the first part of spherical-holographic perception), reality functions differently. For starters, there is no outside world! Everything is inside your sphere with you, interconnected by a field of consciousness-and-energy with no separating boundaries. And everything is personal, highly efficient, and lovingly supportive. What was important in your life previously is still there, but it has a quality of heightened reality.

“You experience being a multifaceted, multidimentional self who never leaves your home frequency. You don’t have to go anywhere to know and have what you want. … The process is lightning fast because everything is in the present moment. You are no longer hollow but joyfully ‘full of yourself,’ and you’re able to know anything because the answers are in you, right now. You are the newborn, risen phoenix.” ~Penney Peirce

SphericalPerception1The idea of spherical consciousness or spherical thinking is so different from the linear thinking that we all practice that it is very difficult for us to even understand the concept. The way to get just a glimmer of what spherical consciousness is like is to look at a few simple questions and how you might answer them using linear consciousness and spherical consciousness.

Take a marker and mark the spot where you end and something else or some other being begins. The answer for this one is simple with linear thinking, you put a mark on the ground just in front of your foot, or put your hand down on something and trace around it. With spherical thinking, it’s not so easy. In fact, it’s impossible because you are everywhere and every-when. You have no beginning and no end. So if you harm a being, that being is yourself, if you destroy an object, you destroy a piece of yourself. Makes it rather difficult to be a putz, doesn’t it?

If you wanted to travel to Mars, how long would it take and how long would you have to travel? In linear thinking, you would have to travel a long distance and it would take a good deal of time, depending on how fast you cal travel. In spherical thinking the answer is zero and zero. You would not have to travel any distance with spherical consciousness because you are already their, you just have to shift your consciousness to the new location, and it happens instantly because you were already there anyway, and besides time doesn’t exist in spherical thinking.

If you wanted to learn to play piano, how many lessons would you need and how long would it take for you to become a good player? With linear thinking, when you want to learn something new, you must study under an expert and learn the skill a little at a time. How long that would take varies depending on your learning skill and the teachers skills. In spherical consciousness, all knowledge is yours now and always. You already know how to play piano, even if, in a linear world, you have never done it before. This may be one of the hardest parts to grasp when you are trapped in linear thinking. You say you can’t learn to play piano overnight, it takes more than book learning, it takes years of practice. But with spherical consciousness, as soon as you decide it is important to you, you will be able to play because, since time is an illusion, you immediately have years of practice behind you!

The most important part of all this is that if you are lucky enough to achieve after some effort to become conscious enough to experience spherical consciousness, you will lose all prejudices, whether racial, sexual, geographical, or any other kind. Since you are one with all, there is no person who is “different”. You will realize that you are not the little heap of matter that is your physical body, you are an infinite spirit and soul with no beginning and no end.

So how do we achieve this wonderful world of spherical perception? By awakening and nourishing the spirit and soul with the Light of the spiritual sun. Sorry, there is no spherical consciousness alternative until you awaken the spherical consciousness of your soul.


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