The Power, Knowledge and Wisdom of God

“The Intellect informs us that we must think of the Absolute as containing within Itself all the Power there is, because there can be no other source or reservoir of Power, and there can be no power outside of the All-Power. … Any laws of the universe must have been imposed by It, for there is no other law-giver, and every manifestation of Energy, Force, or Power, perceived or evident in Nature must be a part of the Power of the Absolute working along lines laid down by it.

“Next, the Intellect informs us that it is compelled to think of the Absolute as containing within Itself all possible Knowledge or Wisdom, because there can be no Knowledge or Wisdom outside of It, and therefore all the Wisdom and Knowledge possible must be within It. We see Mind, Wisdom, and Knowledge manifested by relative forms of life, and such must emanate from the Absolute.” ~William Walker Atkinson

PowerSunSince Atkinson capitalized “Intellect”, I think we can assume that he is not talking about the intellect of the human mind, but of Divine Consciousness which knows all and cannot be deceived. Even if we choose to rely on the limited human mind, if we believe in God that we must accept that He is ultimately the source of all true power. This doesn’t include the artificial power of politics or business leaders, but only true power. So while man has the power to create, within limits, the source of that power is God and ultimately, since he is the source of this gift, what we create, we are creating with His Power. If you are a home builder and you have been contracted to build a house for someone, isn’t it logical that the person paying for the house, in essence the one providing the “power” to build it, should be the one to decide how the house should look? The same is true when using God’s Power. It is intended to be used to do God’s work, not to feed human egos. And often, when people use the power against God’s Plan, they find their power will be taken from them, or they will suffer some disaster as a consequence.

Of course, if you look only at the direct source, you find that much of the power in the material worlds comes form Satan and the other beings of darkness. This makes some think that obeying the will of the dark ones will therefore give them great power, at least in the material world, and often it does, but there are problems with this. First, Satan and the other fallen ones are not at all of a generous nature. When they “give” you something, they expect to be paid. And if the payment was not agreed upon in advance, you may regret the deal when you get the bill. Second, since God is the source of all Power as He is the All, and the origin of All, the power that you get from Satan is power stolen from God. It is not really Satan’s to give. And if you use that power in opposition to God, you will make Satan happy, but you will fall under God’s law and that Law, Karma if you wish, requires you to pay in kind for your deeds and your use of power. This is why Jesus said you cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve darkness and light, Satan and God. So the sensible thing to do is always serve God.

We are then told that not only all Power, but all Wisdom and Knowledge ultimately comes from God. You may not get the knowledge directly from God, but when traced back to it’s source, you will always find that God is the ultimate source, the well from which all rivers and streams of knowledge flow.

It is also obvious, I think, that God knows what is true knowledge that comes from Him, and what is false knowledge: the lies of Satan or the opinions of materialistic intellectuals. This ability to distinguish between true knowledge and mere opinion, or deliberate lies is true Wisdom and this also comes from God.

So the final lesson here is that if one desires real wisdom, real knowledge, and real power, one must turn to God, awaken his spiritual faculties, and work on achieving God’s Great Plan. And in so doing,we gain not a temporary illusion of power and success in the material world, but the true power and success of being immortal when we unite with our immortal souls.


Breath of the North Wind

“When the north wind blows over creation, the air around us remains pure because of this wind’s subtle and clarifying nature; but when the south wind blows, the air becomes hazy because it is this winds nature to produce mist and, by virtue of its affinity with clouds, to bring them from its own regions to cover the earth. Likewise, when the soul is energized by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it is freed completely from the demonic mist; but when the wind of error blows fiercely upon it, it is completely filled with the clouds of sin. With all our strength, therefore, we should try always to face toward the life-creating and purifying wind of the Holy Spirit—the wind which the prophet Ezekiel saw coming from the north.” ~The Philokalia

BreathOfGod1People who interpret everything in scripture literally might read this and think they need to move somewhere where the north wind will blow on them filling them with the Holy Spirit. Or they may think the whole thing is Nonsense and wind has nothing to do with spirit, but this is, of course, not intended to be taken literally. Continue reading “Breath of the North Wind”


Some Attributes of God

“I am the immortality latent in all things mortal. The light filling all things with radiance, the power holding all things to their form. I am the pure, invulnerable stream untouched by evil, the supreme fountainhead of thoughts, the unfailing well of consciousness, the light of eternity. I am that to which the soul of man is related. I am it’s power, its life, its strength. I am that to which it responds. …

“I am the sound heard in the stillness, the companionship felt in the solitude and the stirring in the hearts of men. … I am the joy in the life of all living things. … I am the sweetness in honey and the scent in perfume. I am the power in a strong arm and the wistfulness in a smile. I am the urge in good and moderate desires. … Yet though I am in all those, I am not contained in them, and they are in me rather than I am in them. How pitiful are the words of men to depict sublime things! With the souls of men asleep, enwrapped in clouds of delusion, How can I be known to them?” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:16:1-2

FountainGodAs in much of The Kolbrin Bible, this section is written as if God is the one speaking. These two paragraphs cover much of the attributes of God, especially those that are important to us as humans, so let’s take a look at some of them.

First, we are told that God is immortal. No surprise there. But He says that He is the latent immortality in all things. If all things have latent immortality, does that mean all thing are immortal. Yes, and no! It’s not that simply, though many so-called spiritual pages on Facebook will have you believe that it is. The Important thing to note in the sentence is the word “latent”. Our immortality, as well as the immortality of other material forms is latent. And it doesn’t magically wake up when the body dies. It has to be awakened before you die. That is where spiritual disciplines as taught by a reputable spiritual school come in. You need to awaken and nourish the soul now. Continue reading “Some Attributes of God”


Turn Always to the Good

“Now the one thing that everyone must acknowledge is the difficulty for those involved in the external civilization of our time to advance to the knowledge of the higher worlds. … At a time when the conditions of material life were simpler, the attainment of spiritual knowledge was also easier. Objects of veneration and worship stood out in clearer relief from the ordinary things of the world. … Our own age thrusts these feelings further and further into the background, so that they can only be conveyed to man through his every-day life in a very small degree. Whoever seeks higher knowledge must create it for himself. He must instill it into his soul. It cannot be done by study; it can only be done through life. … If I meet a man and blame him for his shortcomings, I rob myself of power to attain higher knowledge; but if I try to enter lovingly into his merits, I gather such power. The student must be intent on continually following this advice. The spiritually experienced know … that in the face of all things they ever again turn to the good.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Judging1JI don’t know exactly when Steiner wrote this, but since he died in 1925, we can assume it was early in the twentieth century. What he says about the difficulties of being spiritual in a very materialistic world is even truer today. In almost a century since he wrote this, we have seen a much greater turning away from God and spirituality and an often fanatical love of material possessions and the material world. Continue reading “Turn Always to the Good”