Spherical Consciousness

“After changing from linear to spherical perception (the first part of spherical-holographic perception), reality functions differently. For starters, there is no outside world! Everything is inside your sphere with you, interconnected by a field of consciousness-and-energy with no separating boundaries. And everything is personal, highly efficient, and lovingly supportive. What was important in your life previously is still there, but it has a quality of heightened reality.

“You experience being a multifaceted, multidimentional self who never leaves your home frequency. You don’t have to go anywhere to know and have what you want. … The process is lightning fast because everything is in the present moment. You are no longer hollow but joyfully ‘full of yourself,’ and you’re able to know anything because the answers are in you, right now. You are the newborn, risen phoenix.” ~Penney Peirce

SphericalPerception1The idea of spherical consciousness or spherical thinking is so different from the linear thinking that we all practice that it is very difficult for us to even understand the concept. The way to get just a glimmer of what spherical consciousness is like is to look at a few simple questions and how you might answer them using linear consciousness and spherical consciousness. Continue reading “Spherical Consciousness”


Random Thoughts 10-26-2014

EasterIsandStatueAccording to a recent news story, the ancient people of Easter Island who build those strange giant statues either traveled to places in South America or South American’s visited their island, possibly both. When Gene Savoy suggested such things and sailed three different ships based on ancient designs to prove it was possible, he was laughed at by the “experts” because their books told them it was impossible, the ancients just didn’t have the ability to make such lengthy trips.


The fact that a number of big “food” companies areMonsanto1 spending many millions of dollars to stop the push for labeling products that contain GMO ingredients shoud tell you something about the crap they are selling. In addition to Monsanto and the other companies that create and sell GMOs, the biggest fighters against labeling are: Pepsi, Coke, and Kraft foods.


I saw a recent article about horror movies that really scared us. In my case, the movie that did that was The Exorcist. It may have been because it was promoted as being based on an actual possession case, but it seemed so real to me that I had to sleep with a light on that night and still slept poorly. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 10-26-2014”


Gnostics and the Creation of Matter

“The Gnostics were divided in their opinions concerning the Demiurgus, or creator of the lower worlds. He established the terrestrial universe with the aid of six sons, or emanations (possibly the planetary Angels) which he formed out of, and yet within, Himself. As stated before, the Demiurgus was individualized as the lowest creation out of the substance called pleroma. One group of the Gnostics was of the opinion that the Demiurgus was the cause of all misery and was an evil creature, who by building this lower world had separated the souls of men from truth by encasing them in mortal vehicles. The other sect viewed the Demiurgus as being divinely inspired and merely fullilling the dictates of the invisible Lord. … To the Gnostics, the Christ was the personification of Nous, the Divine Mind, and emanated from the higher spiritual Aeons. He descended into the body of Jesus at the baptism and left it again before the crucifixion.” ~Manly P. Hall

I don’t think the beliefs of various Gnostic groups differed as much as Hall indicates. I think it is his interpretation that makes it seem that way. In any case, they did agree on most important aspects of the creation of the material realm and on who created it.

DemiurgeThe Demiurgus, as Hall calls him, more commonly called Demiurge today, is considered the creator of the material worlds or the material dimensions of existance according to gnostic teachings. It is not clear who this being (or beings) is, but most likely it is another name for Lucifer and the other fallen angels. These angels let their desire to be more like God take control of them and convince them to create their own realm where they would be worshipped as gods. They did not realize that they did not have the full powers of creation that God has and so the realm they created, the universe of matter, was not true creation but was made by altering the spiritual, by making it slower and distorting it. In a sense, they created a distorted, fun house mirror image of the real worlds of spirit. And this is the world we live in. Continue reading “Gnostics and the Creation of Matter”


Unite for God

“All shapelessness whose kind admits of pattern and form, as long as it remains outside of reason and idea, is ugly by that very isolation from the Divine-Thought. …

“But where the Ideal-Form has entered, it has grouped and coordinated what from a diversity of parts was to become a unity: it has rallied confusion into co-operation: it has made the sum one harmonious coherence: for the Idea is a unity and what it molds must come to unity as far as multiplicity may. And on what has been compacted to unity, Beauty enthrones itself, giving itself to the parts as to the sum: when it lights on some natural unity, a thing of like parts, then it gives itself to that whole. … This, then, is how the material thing becomes beautiful—by communicating in the thought that flows from the Divine.” ~Plotinus

CastleA puddle of wet clay is of little importance, and is certainly not a thing of beauty in itself, but when you take that wet clay and make bricks, the bricks, being organized, united, on a somewhat primitive level, are more beautiful, though perhaps not yet really beautiful. Take those bricks and unite them with other materials and build a great castle and now they are beautiful because the united whole is a thing of beauty.


Diver with tube sponge

A sponge is considered the most primitive type of multi-celled animals. It has no specialized cells of any kind: no nerves, no blood, no stomach. Every cell of a sponge is the same. A sponge is actually more a colony of single-celled animals than a true multi-celled animal, yet in some ways it behaves as a multi-celled animal. You can move a tiny tube sponge into an area full of barrel sponges, yet it will still grow into a tube sponge. Even though each cell is theoretically an individual animal, they act much as parts of a larger one. And while individual sponge cells would not be considered a thing of beauty, when they group together by the millions to form what we call a sponge, they can be very beautiful. Continue reading “Unite for God”