Seeing Shouldn’t Be Believing

“We have seen that the most elementary criticism, applied to any ordinary object of perception, tends invalidate the simple and comfortable creed of ‘common sense’, that not merely faith but gross credulity, is needed for the mind which would accept the apparent as the real. I say, for instance, that I ‘see’ a house. I can only mean by this that the part of my receiving instrument which undertakes the duty called vision is affected in a certain way and arouses in my mind the idea ‘house.’ … But what the external reality is which evoked the image that I call ‘house,’ I do not know and never can know. … Then the nerves of my hand will be affected by a sensation which I translate as hardness and solidarity [when I touch the house], the eye by a peculiar and wholly incomprehensible sensation called redness, and from these purely personal changes my mind constructs and externalizes and idea which it calls red bricks. Science … asked to verify the reality of these perceptions, at once declares that though the material world be real, the ideas of solidity and color are but hallucination.” ~Evelyn Underhill

It is funny that people who tend to doubt what they are told until they are shown proof will often say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We do seem to trust our vision more than any other senses. When I was driving through desert areas near Reno, Nevada a few days ago, I briefly picked up a scent that was that unique fish & salt scent that you get when you are close to the seashore. I didn’t believe that I had somehow been teleported to the shore, but I might have if a saw an ocean instead of just smelling one. But as Underhill notes, our eyes are no more to be trusted than scent, touch, or hearing. Continue reading “Seeing Shouldn’t Be Believing”


Magnetic Power

“Apply a piece of iron to a magnet, and it becomes imbued with its subtle principle and capable of imparting it to other iron in its turn. It neither weighs more nor appears different from what it was before. And yet, one of the most subtle potencies of nature has entered into its substance. A talisman, in itself perhaps a worthless bit of metal, a scrap of paper, or a shred of any fabric, has nevertheless been imbued by the influence of the greatest of all magnets, the human will, …

“A magnetic emanation, unconsciously produced, is sure to be overpowered by any stronger one with which it may come into opposition. But when an intelligent and powerful will directs the blind force, and concentrates it upon a given spot, the weaker emanation will often master the stronger.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

A hundred years ago when Blavatsky was writing, we knew about magnetism, but it was not well understood. We now know that, while it is true that when a fairly strong magnet is rubbed against a piece or iron or steel that is not magnetic, the piece of metal will become a magnet, though weaker than the original. While the change in the material was unknown in Blavatsky’s time, we now have a better understanding of what happens. Ordinarily, the atoms and molecules in a chunk of metal are arranged somewhat randomly, at least in terms of electrical charge. But when the magnet is rubbed repeatedly on one side, the atoms are slowly moved until eventually they line up in the same direction like a troop of marching soldiers. When aligned like this, the bar or iron or steel will also be magnetic. Magnetic1This illustration, using arrows to show the direction of the electrical charge, illustrates this point.

Blavatsky than goes on to compare magnetic forces to the human force of will in a way that is somewhat confusing if you don’t already know what she is trying to say. Basically, she is talking about people who, through the force of their own will, change a non-magnetic bar of metal making it magnetic, or making a cold piece become very hot, etc. These demonstrations of will power are interesting, but of themselves not very meaningful to the person studying spiritual development.

Blavatsky then goes on to tell us that a weak magnet can be altered by a more powerful one, sometimes even neutralized by it. But, she adds, the weaker can sometimes change the stronger one instead, if directed by a powerful force. I would add to that, that sometimes a large number of relatively small, weak forces, or magnets, can overcome a much smaller number of powerful magnets (or forces).

Now if we take that idea, and apply it to the human will also, we will find that, a powerful being can often change and direct many weaker ones, but it is also possible, under the right conditions, that the many weak forces or wills can take control of the powerful force. This idea is very important for those of us in Cosolargy, and in other real spiritual schools as well. First, as more and more reasonable average individuals gain a certain degree of spiritual knowledge, they affect more and more the people around them and the entire world. This alone is helping to spread the growth of spirituality, though the arrival of the Sun of Righteousness is even more important.

Prophecy says that when we focus positive, loving thoughts with the power of the Light from the Sun of Righteousness, they are greatly magnified and overcome the negative thoughts of a much larger number of individuals. Prophecy also tells us that it will only take a dozen fully enlightened individuals to completely change the world into the spiritual world that it was before the fall. This sounds good because we think a dozen is an easy number to achieve, but the truth is their has almost never been more than one or two such individuals on the planet at the same time, so it is a big achievement. But we have to believe it can be done and work to accomplish it.


Energy in Everything

“The first key to working with energy information is being able to recognize the feeling of a surfacing or incoming flow. Is there something to know or not? You can use your increasing sensitivity to tune in to the subtle states of your body to find out. Do you feel relaxed, open, spacious, and at peace? There may be nothing you need to know right now. Or do you feel antsy, slightly distracted, or mildly pressured? This is often the sigh of an insight knocking on your door, asking to come in. An incoming flow of energy information can feel like a subtle tactile impression, like something pushing on you gently. It’s also common to have an incoming activate one of your other senses. You might hear a voice, a knock, or a tinkling sound; feel hot, cold, or buzzy; see a glow of a ghostly image…” ~Penney Peirce

EnergyBodyIt is really very amazing if you think about it that we ignore energy as much as we do. Sure, we pay attention to electricity and heat energy when it comes to powering our toys or heating or cooking, but in so many other parts of our lives, we ignore it completely. Scientists, while they certainly have accomplished a lot in the past few centuries, are largely responsible for this. Since they ignore it, most of the rest of us ignore it.

Lets look at a few important examples. Start with the food we eat. If you ask a dietician, a nutritionist, or a biochemist about the energy in food, they will assume you are talking about what happens in your body when you digest food. They talk about how the matter in the food is changed, and sometimes used as energy, in your body. But they totally ignore the fact that before that apple or slice of bread got into your body, it was made of a mixture of energy and matter, not matter alone. If this energy were accounted for, it might be found that some foods that seem to have little nutritional benefit, may actually supply important energy and be far healthier than thought. Conversely, some foods that seem to be nutritional powerhouses, may have energies that tend to neutralize our energies thereby weakening us when we think they make us stronger. And then there is pork which has little nutrition, and even worse energy.

Another example is clothing. We hear a lot this days about natural fibers, natural dyes, etc. but does anyone ever discuss the energy frequencies of the clothing? If so, I’ve never heard it. While it is probably not as important as what we eat, what we wear does contain energy and we should know what that energy is and how it affects us. Just as with food, the wrong frequencies of energy in our clothing can reduce our physical energies and limit our ability to raise our frequencies during spiritual practices. As for dyes, we need to look not only at the chemicals used, but even the colors because different colors have different energy frequencies. So while that bright red hat may be made of natural fibers and colored with natural dyes, the red color will prevent progress if you wear it while engaging in spiritual growth techniques. Red is the most materialistic color and violet is the most spiritual. You should consider that when choosing clothing.

The shape of our houses, the shape and size of our cars, the frequencies given off by our tecno-toys, traffic radar, airport scanners, etc. are all part of the energy fields that affect us and we should be aware of it. So what can we do about it? Unfortunately, until a lot more research is done in this area, we can just check a book for the needed information, so we mostly need to rely on out intuition. As Ms. Peirce mentions, we can get certain feelings, or vibrations that may be interpreted as a sound, a scent, or an image, and sometimes we can tell that it is coming from certain things. If you try on a new blouse, or a pair of jeans, and suddenly feel weak or hear an annoying buzz, that is probably a warning that this item is wrong for you. Or you may get an unpleasant scent when you sit in a new car you are thinking of buying, another kind of warning from your intuition. When I was a kid, I often got sick after eating pork, even though I am not allergic to it. I now know that my body and my intuition were trying to tell me that it is an unhealthy thing to eat. You do have to be careful, though, to know that it truly is your intuition you are listening to, and not your ego.


Hermes and the Tormentors of Matter

“Hermes:’Yet is it so as I say, O Son, He that looketh only upon that which is carried upward as Fire, that which is carried downward as Earth, that which is moist as Water, and that which bloweth, or is subject to blast, as Air: how can he sensibly understand that which is neither hard nor moist, nor tangible, nor perspicuous, seeing it is only understood in power and operation?’

Tat:’Then am I, O Father, utterly unable to do it?’

Hermes:’God forbid, Son, rather draw or pull Him unto thee (or study to know Him)and He will come, be but willing and it shall be done; quite (or make idle) the senses of the Body, purging thyself from the unreasonable brutish torments of matter.’

Tat:’Have I any (revengers or) tormentors in myself, Father?’

Hermes:’ Yea, and those not a few, but many, and fearful ones. [He then goes on to explain that the ‘tormentors of matter’ are Ignorance, Sorrow, Intemperance, Concupiscence, Injustice, Covetousness, Deceit, Envy, Guile, Wrath, Rashness and Maliciousness]” ~Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes2JHermes is telling his “son” (it is not clear if this is really his son, or just his student) that one who sees everything as matter, and nothing more, will not see God since God, His angels, and all the beings of Light are spirits, not matter. The son than asks, since he has never seen anything spiritual (as far as he knows), will he ever be able to communicate with God and become enlightened as Hermes has.

Hermes tells him that he can learn to see God, to be spiritual, through study (by which he probably means practicing spiritual disciplines more that simply reading books, remember, in the mystery schools most of the teachings were never put into writing least they fall into the hands of the profane) and that it will aid his spiritual growth if he can rid himself of his materialistic “tormentors” or negative influences. He then give a list of what he considers the major tormentors. Continue reading “Hermes and the Tormentors of Matter”