Sharing Spiritual Knowledge

“When the door of the steam bath is continually left open, the heat inside rapidly escapes through it; likewise the soul, in it’s desire to say many things, dissipates its remembrance of God through the door of speech, even though everything it says may be good.

“thereafter the intellect, through lacking appropriate ideas, pours out a welter of confused thoughts to anyone it meets, as it no longer has the Holy Spirit to keep its understanding free from fantasy. Ideas of value always shun verbosity, being foreign to confusion and fantasy. Timely silence then is precious, for it is nothing less than the mother of the wisest thoughts.” ~The Philokalia

I actually had a boss several years ago who would mildly scold me after a meeting if I didn’t speak during the meeting. It didn’t matter to him in the least that I had nothing to contribute. It didn’t matter that I was actually listening to what others were saying rather than just planning what I would say when it was my turn to crow. All that mattered to him is that I should speak up and say something, no matter how pointless, repetitive, or inane. Continue reading “Sharing Spiritual Knowledge”


Spiritual and Material Worlds

“The spirit of man has the potential for doing all things; it can even rise above earthly limitations. The awakened soul can do whatsoever it wills. Man makes the environment for his own development; as it is now, so countless wills from the past have fashioned it. …
“As long as the soul looks outward only, into the deceptive environment of matter and is satisfied with the material pleasures it finds there, and which its baser body finds compatible, it remains cut off from the greater realm of spirit. It binds itself to matter, failing to find the greater pleasures always there in the silent depths of its being. Confused I his attitude by experiences in a deceptive environment, mortal man becomes convinced that all desirable things lie outside himself. He concludes that satisfaction comes from gaining the things which promote material welfare. This is the folly of the unbalanced man. However, balance is is the keyword, for it is equally foolish to turn away from material things altogether.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:15:57-59

First, I would like to note that I only discovered the Kolbrin Bible a few months ago and, as I go through it, I am beginning to wonder why it is largely ignored by spiritual groups and teachers when it contains a great deal of spiritual wisdom. Granted, it also contains some nonsense and things open to gross misinterpretation, but then so do virtually all other holy books. Continue reading “Spiritual and Material Worlds”


Random Thoughts 9-28-2014

Various fear pundits are really going wild with the Ebola breakout. I’ve heard predictions of anywhere from 20,000 cases in the next few months to as much as 1.3 million. The sellers of fear are really overdoing themselves on this one.


StudentProtestI’m glad to see that many students in Colorado are protesting an attempt to rewrite history to favor conservative ideas. An excellent way to get kids to start listening to adults: tell them you are going to lie to them in high school history books.


Is it funny or sad the conservatives like Sarah Palin are making fun of Obama’s coffee salute. I guess he should have done like most of the republicans in congress and given the military the middle finger salute when they voted down a pay raise for the military.


I’m happy to see that the guy who got sentences to 31 days for rape by a ridiculous judge has now been given ten years by a real judge.


Hero Rats? Yes, it’s true! In parts of Africa, a certain type of rat is being trained to sniff out land mines and diseases like tuberculosis.


Sorry iPhone lover’s, but I had to laugh at this highly exaggerated view of the bendy iPhone 6 as the Dali Phone.DaliPhone


I loved it when studies found that chocolate, in moderation of course, can be good for your heart. Now, even better, a study indicates that beer may be good for the brain, again in moderation. Prost!BeerToastJ


So soda makers, in a desperate move to stop rapidly falling sales, have pledged to reduce the sugar in their drinks by twenty percent over the next few years. Let’s avoid entirely that the real problem is these drinks, with or without sugar, have no positive nutritional value, but plenty of negatives. Not to mention that some people are boycotting their products since the Coca Cola company and Pepsico are two of the leading companies fighting against labeling of GMO crap.


There is the path of joy and there is the path of pleasure, Both attract the soul … The two paths lie in front of man. Pondering on them, the wise man chooses the path of joy; the fool chooses the path od pleasure.” ~Katha Upanishad



Police caught a dimwitted car thief by calling him and telling him to come to a meeting with his parole officer. He drove up in the stolen car.


A lucky gambler in Germany, who had just been informed that he would be taken to prison if he didn’t pay a 710 Euro fine ($910), looked over at the slot machine he was playing that was now flashing lights and playing music, and saw that he had just won 1,000 euros.


A restaurant chain in Denmark called Hot Buns, that seems to be a clone of Hooters, has decided to sell sex toys with their burgers.


A teenager in Washington state called the police on his own party when it got out of control.


Beer making classes are popular and colleges always find a way to take advantage of popular training classes. Central Michigan University is planning a new program for next year in “fermentation science”. Some other universities already have similar programs.


A drunken women in Idaho who was arrested after being accused of spraying a couple with pepper spray, decided to chew holes in the seats of the police car on the way to jail. So she now has charges of damage to police property added to the other charges.


If you buy an iPhone in Japan, you might want to get this free case from KFC that looks like an oversized drumstick. Or you might not.


A Dutch wacko who had his leg amputated turned it into a real version of the famous leg lamp. He tried to sell it on eBay, but it was pulled when they found it was a real leg! I found it laughable that the news article I read on this claimed that other than loosing his leg, the guy was a fit and healthy man. Really! A guy who got an infection in his leg and let it fester for weeks until it had to be amputated, then turned it into a lamp? That’s your idea of healthy? Wow!


Venerate Truth and Knowledge

“Only within his own soul can a man find the means to unseal the lips of an initiate. He must develop within himself certain facilities to a definite degree, and then the highest treasures of the spirit can become his own.

“He must begin with a certain fundamental attitude of soul. In spiritual science this fundamental attitude is called the path of veneration, of devotion to truth and knowledge. Without this attitude no one can become a student. … There are children who look up with religious awe to those whom they venerate. … From the ranks of such children are recruited many students of higher knowledge. … It is a blessing for every human being in process of development to have such feelings upon which to build. Only it must not be thought that this disposition leads to submissiveness and slavery. What was once a childlike veneration for persons becomes, later, a veneration for truth and knowledge.” ~Rudolf Steiner

LawGodsIt is unfortunate that many people think spirituality, as with some religious cults and churches, is all about worshiping individuals. Mr. Steiner explains that, while this may be true of children (and childish, or lazy adults), t is not true of the real seeker, the person seeking a higher life, a higher world. To that person, it is not about worship, but about gaining knowledge, wisdom, and truth. And true knowledge (Gnosis), wisdom and truth can come only from awakening your spiritual faculties and using them regularly until you reach a high state of enlightenment, a state where you don’t have to look up things in books, or debate them with intellectuals, he simply knows what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is lies, distortions, or half-truths. Continue reading “Venerate Truth and Knowledge”