“Intuition is perception based on unity and connectedness—on communion. When you intuition is open and you place your attention on a tree, or a problem, or the cells of your lungs, you immediately merge with the object of your attention and know it from inside its own reality. You feel connected through the simplicity of your noticing, and through this you can directly experience—not think about—its life pattern and potentials. Through this communion, you know the consciousness of your body, your cells, your heart, and the life force inside every form and field in your reality.” ~Penney Peirce

IntuitiveHealing2Intuition can be helpful in making business decisions, in choosing a career or a school, in choosing where to live, etc. It can help us avoid disaster when we get an unspoken feeling that we should avoid flying on a certain day, or driving on a certain road. But one area where people rarely think about intuition is in the health of the body.

Intuition can help in keeping the body healthy in primarily two ways: by preventing illness or injury, and by healing illness and injury. Intuition can help you decide what to eat, when to eat, and how much. It might be argued that this really isn’t intuition, just listening to the body and mind, but I think that is a form of intuition, even if a very simple form.

I have read that in some studies, when kids are given the freedom to choose what to eat from a wide variety of foods, surprisingly most end up choosing a fairly healthy and balanced diet. They may not do that at the beginning, but they do after a while. This is because kids haven’t learned to ignore their intuition, there gut feelings, and are guided to eat what they actually need. As adults, we need to reconnect with this level of intuition and eat according to the needs of the body and thereby prevent many health problems.

Intuition can also warn us that it is time to quit some activity before we seriously injure ourselves. When we get older, we are especially likely to push ourselves too far trying to do the same activities we did when we were twenty or thirty. It is certainly a good thing to stay active as we age, but we also need to know our limits and act accordingly. Intuition can help with that.

But sometimes, even when we do take care of ourselves, illness and injury happens. Even then, intuition can help. Through a form of intuition that we might call self-knowing we can enter deep into our body parts and listen to them, feel them, on a level we don’t normally reach. We can get into that aching joint and feel what is wrong: wear and tear, lack of lubrication, inflammation, etc. We might feel ill without even knowing exactly why. An intuitive examination of the body can revel what organ is weak or ill and what can be done to help it. Sometimes, we can send healing energy to the damaged organ to help it heal, and sometimes the organ itself can revel to us that some vitamin, enzyme, or herb will help it heal.

But what does all this have to do with spiritual development? Not much except that when your body is sick or weak it is difficult, if not impossible, to work on your spiritual growth so having a healthy body and mind does aid spiritual growth in an indirect way.


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