We have shown elsewhere that the ‘secret doctrine’ does not concede immortality to all men alike. ‘The eye would never see the sun, if it were not of the nature of the sun,’ said Plotinus. Only ‘through the highest purity and chastity we shall approach nearer to God, and receive in the contemplation of Him, the true knowledge and insight, writes porphyry. If the human soul has neglected during its life-time to receive it’s illumination from the Divine Spirit, our personal God, then it becomes difficult for the gross and sensual man to survive for a great length of time his physical death. No more than the misshapen monster can live long after its physical birth, can the soul, once that it has become too material, exist after its birth into the spiritual world.” ~H. P. Blavatsky


It seems that the vast majority of people fall into one of three schools when it comes to the soul and immortality: (1) either they believe that the soul and spirit does not exist at all and therefore immortality is impossible or, (2) they believe that all people are born with an immortal soul and spirit and no matter what they do in their material life they cannot change that fact and therefore they are immortal always, or (3) they believe in an immortal soul and spirit, but that does not make them immortal unless they do certain things in their lives.


The quote from Blavatsky shows that she is in the third group, as are most of the great philosophers and spiritual teachers. In fact, I don’t know of any major spiritual philosopher who taught either of the other two philosophies regarding the soul. I, of curse, agree with this third group. Those who are in the second group will ask, “If the soul and spirit are immortal, how can a person not be immortal?” That’s like saying you can fly 400 miles an hour because that is how fast you were moving when in an airplane last week. True, you could fly very fast when you were in the plane, but not once you are out of it. Likewise, you are immortal only if you folly the time-tested methods taught by all the great teachers including Jesus, Buddha, Plato, etc. for integrating yourself with your immortal being.


In order for you to become one with your spirit and soul, you must first get over the strange belief that your soul and spirit are pieces of property that you own. They are not. Once you do that, you can start to work on awakening your spirit and soul. This is down partly by changing the way you think, but mostly by exposing them to spiritual Light which awakens them. And once they are awakened, you must continue to “feed” them with spiritual light so they can grow big and strong. And you must continue to do this and to do God’s work in order to become a fully integrated being.


Only the person who has become fully integrated is immortal, for he will remain art of his soul and spirit after his physical body has died. If yo do not do this, yes, your spirit and soul remain immortal, but they will separate from you shortly after physical death and return to heaver WITHOUT YOU!

Some think that sounds terribly unfair. It is no more unfair than an employee paying the hard worker very well, the adequate worker less, and firing the guy who doesn’t want to work at all.


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