“The true mystic is a man who enters into full possession of his inner life, and who, having become cognizant of his sub-consciousness, finds in it, through concentrated meditation and steady discipline, new faculties and enlightenment. These new faculties and this enlightenment instruct him as to the innermost nature of his soul and his relations with that impalpable element which underlies all, with that eternal and supreme reality which religions call God, and poetry the Divine. The occultist, akin to the mystic, but differing from him as a younger from an elder brother, is a man endowed with intuition and with synthesis, who seeks to penetrate the hidden depths and foundations of Nature by the methods of science and philosophy.” ~Edouard Schure

mystical-experience-3While the division between mystic and occultist may have made sense at one time, I think the true spiritual seeker of today is actually a combination of the best of both. Note that when Schure wrote this, it was conventional to say “man” meaning a person of either sex, so women can be mystics just as well as men.

If you summarize the quote, you find that it says the mystic looks within to find God and his true self, while the occultist looks outward to nature for essentially the same thing. The spiritual seeker of today must do both. He looks within primarily to find those, beliefs, habits and false teachings that hold him back from discovering the truth in an effort to overcome them. He also looks within to find his true self. But she must also look without, at nature, at the universe and at the spiritual realms that exist beyond the physical. He notes things like the geometric shapes and divine proportions that exist in nature, even on the physical level that was not created by God, but must still follow Divine Law. She notes the lack of randomness in what happens in this world, therefore denying those who would claim that everything is just the result of randomness and there is no guidance, no intelligence.

Most of all, the spiritual aspirant must look to the Light of God coming through the spiritual sun, or Sun of Righteousness which is the only Light, the only energy that can awaken and nourish the spirit and soul. You may then look within to the energy centers of both your spirit and your body (also known as chakras) to fill them with that light that comes from without. We also look within to the pineal gland, often called the third eye, because it helps to see it being filled with light while we are practicing out spiritual techniques as this gland is important in developing intuition and prophetic dreams that can help to guide one on the path of enlightenment.


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