“To accept the Bible as a ‘revelation’ and nail belief to a literal translation, is worse than absurdity—it is a blasphemy against the Divine majesty of the ‘Unseen.’ If we had to Judge of the Deity, and the world of spirits, by its human interpreters, now that philology proceeds with giant-strides on the fields of comparative religions, belief in God and the soul’s immortality could not withstand the attacks of reason for one century more. That which supports the faith of man in God and a spiritual life to come is intuition; that divine outcome of our inner-self, which defies the mummeries of the Roman Catholic priest, and his ridiculous idols; the thousand and one ceremonies of the Brahman and his idols; and the jeremiads of the Protestant preacher,…” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Bible2Much of what is in the Bible is revelation, of course, but not when you reduce these holy writings to ridiculous materialistic literal meanings. What is especially strange and laughable is that many of the people who do this are the ones who claim to be such devout followers of Jesus, yet they seem to be calling Him a liar when He said that He spoke to the crowds in parables because they were not capable of understanding the truths that He revealed only to his closest disciples. Of course, not everything is the Bible is revelation. A lot of it is simply the opinions of men, and often men who are obviously not very spiritual despite holding an office like High Priest (Leviticus immediately comes to mind).

Jesus is not the only prophet who said that he spoke in allegory, metaphor or parables. The reason for this is partly to hide the great truths from those who are unworthy and would misuse such knowledge, and also because human languages are just not adequate to describe spiritual things.

This attempt to interpret spiritual writing is a literal way is not limited to the Bible. Many people attempt to interpret other ancient scripture in the same way, especially the Hindu Vedic writings. This is especially popular among the group that can’t accept anything spiritual so they blame everything that hints at spirituality as being the work of aliens. SO the flying ships in the Vedas are obviously flying saucers fro Mars just trying to make a buck selling ice cream and hot dogs to the Earthlings. The guns shooting bolts of lightning are obviously alien weapons, etc. Of course they never offer any proof of this, yet call spiritual people crazy for believing in angels, demons and other spirits.

I do disagree with Blavatsky when she implies that science and spirituality are two different and incompatible worlds. That is true of conventional and materialistic sciences, but as we have seen in recent decades, science can actually help prove many spiritual teachings as has been indicated by recent theories and discoveries in Quantum Physics. It should be obvious that the scientific methods used in studying the material planes of existence must be modified or completely replaced when studying the very different worlds of spirit. This is what materialistic people can’t seem to grasp. It’s like expecting a brain surgeon to use the same tools as an auto mechanic.


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