I usually write my Random Thoughts on Saturday morning, but because I won’t be able to this week, I am writing it on Friday.

Recent discoveries indicate that many dinosaurs actually had feathers. Big Bird lives!

Three air disasters in a week! Many are now wondering if flying is safe. What you need to remember is that just as the odds of winning the jackpot on a slot machine may be one in fifty thousand, it may happen that it is won three times in one day. That doesn’t change the odds of winning and the three air disasters don’t change the generally very good safety record for flying. Of course, you could say that you only have to be in the one in a million that crashes to get killed, but still, it isn’t something to be overly worried about.

By the way, am I the only one who never heard of the African country Burkina Faso until this week?

For once I have to agree with Gov. Cristie. He said in a speech this week that if you claim to be pro-life, that claim should not end when the child is born. I totally agree. Many of those pro-lifers are opposed to giving aid to poor children, to providing health care for those who can’t afford the high cost of medical care in this country, and helping the homeless find jobs and shelter. If that is your attitude, you are NOT pro-life, you are pro-birth which is not the same thing.

This weeks nasty pit bull story: animal control officers in Georgia spotted a pit bull carrying a chihuahua with a badly infected eye. Periodically she would put her friend down and lick the eye (dog saliva is antibiotic). The vet had to remove the badly damaged eye, but at least the infection is over and the two dogs are close friends. The shelter ais hoping to find someone who will adopt them together.


because we have heard and because faith tells us so, we know we have souls. But we seldom consider the precious things that can be found in this soul, or who dwells within it, or its highest value” ~St. Teresa of Avila


Canine Partners For Life is a charity that trains service dogs and provides them to those who need such services. (click the picture to go to the site)



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