“With intuition, It’s peaceful and quiet. There’s a velvety feeling of silence that allows you to expand without end, that lets you rest and fill up with the truth of who you are as a high-frequency being. With intuition there is one clear perception at a time, and that perception can miraculously integrate all your senses, other people’s realities, and the understanding of a variety of probable paths for outcomes. To shift into the right brain and intuition, silence is required. … As you settle into the moment and the simplicity, turn your attention to appreciation and the experience of being with what is, and enjoying life the way it is. It’s as if you bless things by being with them this way.” ~Penney Peirce

intuitionIntuitive knowledge does seem to come to us more readily when we are mentally relaxed, not trying to hard to think through the problem, but it can still work when we are in those stressful situations. The important thing is that we have to learn to listen for it and do what it advises. Sometimes answers come to us when we think we have not even asked the question. This is often because we asked the question some time ago, but intuition couldn’t get through to us until now. It may also happen because intuition may be providing us with knowledge without our even being aware that we need it. This is usually what happens when we somehow get a warning, or a feeling that we should avoid flying a particular flight that crashes, or to skip the planned stop at a supermarket, and then seeing on the news that the place had a major fire that started at the time we would have been there.

Still, it is true that we can consult our intuition when we have a problem to solve, we don’t have to wait for it. One way to do this is to strongly think about the problem you want solved with as much detail as possible, and believe that the solution will come to you. You can also just try to clear your mind of active thoughts, and let the knowledge come through giving you what you truly need to know rather than what you think you need to know. Some tools like Tarot cards and I-Ching can help also, but there is a trick to it. These tools, and intuition altogether, don’t like being used for superficial material purposes. They expect you to limit your questions to your spiritual growth. If you ask for things like winning lottery numbers, or how many beans are in the big jar, you may get the correct answer, but you will have to pay for it later, or you my get a false answer for asking an improper question.

One thing I really like about this section of Ms. Peirce’s book, “Leap of Perception,” is she repeats in several places that we need to be high-frequency beings, or that we need to raise our frequencies. I totally agree with this. Yet we still see many spiritual organizations embracing forms of meditation that lowers our frequencies down to those of bugs and frogs. Governments love that, of course. It turns people into contented sheep. But, while they may recommend meditation as an occasional way to release tension, or just relax, they don’t claim that regular meditation will, all by itself, make you spiritual, because it won’t.


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