The Hiding of Truth

“For over fifteen centuries, thanks to the blindly-brutal persecutions of those great vandals of early Christian history, Constantine and Justinian, ancient wisdom slowly degenerated until it gradually sank into the deepest mire of monkish superstition and ignorance. The Pythagorian ‘knowledge of things that are’; the profound erudition of the Gnostics; the world and time-honored teachings of the great philosophers; all were rejected as doctrines of Antichrist and Paganism, and committed to the flames. With the last seven wise men of the Orient, … who fled from the fanatic persecutions of Justinian, to Pursia, the reign of wisdom closed. … They were replaced by the light-fleers, the tonsured and hooded monks of Papal Rome, who dread truth, in whatever shape and from whatever quarter it appears, if it but clashes in the least with their dogmas.” ~H. P. Blavatsky



It is really sad how little most Christians know about the history of their church and their faith. I recently say a comment to a post on Facebook where a woman responded to the post by saying that the Catholic church was founded by Jesus Himself. In fact, any real historian knows that the Catholic church was founded by St. Paul, the guy who claims Jesus appeared to him in the desert and told him to take over running the church. If you actually read the Bible, you will find that when Paul approached Peter and James, the actual brother of Jesus, and told them that Jesus wanted him to take over running the church, they laughed at him and told him that if he wanted to run a church, he could start one of his own, and that is just what he did! There are other places in the Bible where you can find comments in the various epistles written by Paul, or one of his assistants, that try to explain away, or justify, differences between what he was teaching and what was being taught by Peter, James, and the other actual apostles hand picked by Jesus, which should tell anyone with the ability to think that Paul did not take over the church Jesus started, but ran a separate church and that the teachings of Paul’s church often conflicted with the teachings of the true church. Continue reading “The Hiding of Truth”


Intuition Works Best When Ego is Quiet

“With intuition, It’s peaceful and quiet. There’s a velvety feeling of silence that allows you to expand without end, that lets you rest and fill up with the truth of who you are as a high-frequency being. With intuition there is one clear perception at a time, and that perception can miraculously integrate all your senses, other people’s realities, and the understanding of a variety of probable paths for outcomes. To shift into the right brain and intuition, silence is required. … As you settle into the moment and the simplicity, turn your attention to appreciation and the experience of being with what is, and enjoying life the way it is. It’s as if you bless things by being with them this way.” ~Penney Peirce

intuitionIntuitive knowledge does seem to come to us more readily when we are mentally relaxed, not trying to hard to think through the problem, but it can still work when we are in those stressful situations. The important thing is that we have to learn to listen for it and do what it advises. Sometimes answers come to us when we think we have not even asked the question. This is often because we asked the question some time ago, but intuition couldn’t get through to us until now. It may also happen because intuition may be providing us with knowledge without our even being aware that we need it. This is usually what happens when we somehow get a warning, or a feeling that we should avoid flying a particular flight that crashes, or to skip the planned stop at a supermarket, and then seeing on the news that the place had a major fire that started at the time we would have been there. Continue reading “Intuition Works Best When Ego is Quiet”


Prepare for the Future


“It is our business to prepare, so far as we may, a favorable atmosphere and environment for the children who will make the future; and this environment is not anything mysterious, it is simply ourselves. The men and women who are now coming to maturity, still supple to experience and capable of enthusiastic and disinterested choice—that is, of surrender in the noblest sense—will have great opportunities of influencing those who are younger than themselves. The torch is being offered to them; and it is of vital importance to the unborn future that they should grasp and hand it on, without worrying about whether your fingers are going to get burned. …

“I do not speak here of fantastic dreams about Utopias, or of the colored pictures of the apocalyptic imagination; but of a concrete genuine possibility, at which clear-sighted persons have hinted again and again.” ~Evelyn Underhill


If you say a person standing at an old railroad passenger station, suitcase beside him, waiting for a train when there hasn’t been one on this track for fifty years, you would rightfully question his sanity. Maybe, if he bought the old depot, rebuilt and modernized it, and convinced Amtrak to start going there, it would be fine, but not if he is just standing there at the old station hoping for change. Continue reading “Prepare for the Future”


The Mystic and the Occultist

“The true mystic is a man who enters into full possession of his inner life, and who, having become cognizant of his sub-consciousness, finds in it, through concentrated meditation and steady discipline, new faculties and enlightenment. These new faculties and this enlightenment instruct him as to the innermost nature of his soul and his relations with that impalpable element which underlies all, with that eternal and supreme reality which religions call God, and poetry the Divine. The occultist, akin to the mystic, but differing from him as a younger from an elder brother, is a man endowed with intuition and with synthesis, who seeks to penetrate the hidden depths and foundations of Nature by the methods of science and philosophy.” ~Edouard Schure

mystical-experience-3While the division between mystic and occultist may have made sense at one time, I think the true spiritual seeker of today is actually a combination of the best of both. Note that when Schure wrote this, it was conventional to say “man” meaning a person of either sex, so women can be mystics just as well as men. Continue reading “The Mystic and the Occultist”