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Conversing With Trees

A very spiritual young man was taking a walk through the forest one day. The fresh air and the auras of the trees energized him and he walked boldly and with a smile on his face. Yet, after walking for several hours, he became tired and laid down in the grass beneath a great old tree. As he began to doze, he started to overhear a conversation. The words were difficult to understand at first and he soon realized that he was not hearing it through his ears, it was coming directly into his mind from some unknown source. He managed to stay calm and in his very relaxed state, both physically and mentally. The conversation began to make sense and he finally figured out that he was hearing the great old tree he was lying under conversing with another tree, a younger tree that spoke like a student or disciple of the old tree. The conversation went like this:


“You have been here centuries great one. Long before any humans lived in this forest. How was it different without them?”

“Not as different as you might expect because while the humans were not here in body, their thoughts, which control much in this world, travel great distances and so had a profound effect on the forest, even though they themselves did not know it.”

“Yet they do not know this great power is theirs even though they use it every day!”

“That is sadly very true. Most humans are not aware of the great control their thoughts have on this world, so they make little effort to control those thoughts. As a result, they have angry and violent thoughts that create equally angry and violent animals. They dwell on ugliness and create poisonous plants and animals with those thoughts. And then there is the weather. They create storms when many of them are angry. They create floods and droughts when they are jealous or greedy, even if it is only in thought, not deed. The good side of it is that since they are so unaware of this power, they have thoughts that conflict with each other which prevents many of the thoughts from manifesting. Sometimes, even within the mind of a single person there is so much conflict in thought that they are unable to accomplish much.”

“So that is why the world is so confused and contradictory?”

“Exactly. The humans are not even aware that the spirits of those who die without awakening their souls will become the spirits of animals, then plants, then finally return to the spiritual world to start again. They are totally unaware that we are their spiritual offspring in a sense. They would not treat plants and animals as they do if they knew that the trees they cut down just for convenience might include the spirit of their great grandfather or great great grandmother. They might find it less pleasant to hunt animals for sport if they knew they were hunting their own ancestors! More importantly, they might stop wasting time collecting material goods and start trying to save their souls and their planet.”

The young man woke up at that point and heard no more of the conversation. He wondered as he walked out of the forest if he had dreamed the whole thing or did he really hear the trees. One day, he will know.


Teaching Spirituality

The unilluminated should not embark on spiritual speculations nor, o the other hand, should anyone try to speak while the light of the Holy Spirit is shining richly upon him. For where there is emptiness, ignorance is also to be found, but where there is richness of the Spirit, no speech is possible. …
Wisdom and spiritual knowledge are both gifts of the one Holy Spirit., as are all the divine gifts of grace; but each has its own distinctive energy. … Spiritual knowledge comes through prayer, deep stillness and complete detachment, while wisdom comes through humble meditation on Holy Scripture and, above all, through grace given by God. “ ~The Philokalia

I don’t know exactly when this part of the Philokalia was written, but the problem of people who don’t know what they are talking about giving spiritual advice to others is even more of an issue today. Anyone who sees it as a way to make a quick buck is putting together books on spiritual development or organizing seminars based on a mix of various traditions and incomplete knowledge from various traditions. This is a dangerous thing and is, unfortunately, turning many away from true spiritual development after they realize that they have wasted time and money on a phony. But just because you discover that the Rolex watch you bought is actually a cheep ripoff, doesn’t mean there are no real Rolex watches and just because you got ripped off by a phony spiritual teacher or school doesn’t mean there are not legitimate teachers and schools available. You may have to make an effort to find one and try to use your intuition to tell you which ones are real.

I don’t think the second line is intended to say that an enlightened person should not try to teach others what he has learned. Instead, it is saying that while the person is in a state of receiving the Holy Spirit he must remain quiet and detached from the material world. It also means that advanced spiritual knowledge and wisdom simply cannot be passed on to others verbally because we simply do not have the language to express such knowledge. It is like trying to explain a computer to some primitive tribe of people who have no technology and therefore no words to describe it. Any description you can provide in their language is bound to be limited and incomplete.

I don’t really agree with the last part of the quote, but that may be simply because I don’t understand what the writer means by “knowledge” and “wisdom”. To me, when one gains spiritual knowledge he becomes a truly wise person because there is never any lies, and deception, and guesses in divine knowledge. Divine knowledge is always 100% true and totally accurate. It may be true that not everything is revealed to you at once, but everything that is you can trust. And when you have knowledge that you can trust to be absolute truth, with no guesses and no embellishment, that makes you a truly wise individual.


The First Man

Aristotle argued that the world was eternal, and that it will always be the same; that one generation of men has always produced another, without ever having had a beginning that could be determined by our intellect. In this, his teaching, in its exoteric sense, clashed with that of Plato, who taught that “there was a time when mankind did not perpetuate itself”; but in spirit both he doctrines agreed, as Plato adds immediately: ‘This was followed by the earthly human race, in which the primitive history was gradually forgotten and man sank deeper and deeper’; and Aristotle says: ‘If there has been a first man he must have been born without father or mother—which is repugnant to nature.’ … The same he held good for all species, believing, with Plato, that everything before it appeared on earth had first its being in spirit.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

So it seems the Teachings of Aristotle and those of Plato were not all that different except in where each placed the emphasis. While Aristotle seemed more concerned with the physical world, Plato was really all about the spiritual and the relationship between the spiritual and the material.

It is, to me at least, very odd that even today we have people who will insist there is nothing spiritual and matter is all that is. The very nature of matter shows us that it is essentially self-destructive. We may not all destroy ourselves, at least not in an obvious way, but we are all destroyed by other matter, just as we ourselves destroy matter. We must eat other material beings or starve to death. We must kill some material beings, or allow them to kill and eat us. We must compete with other material beings in order to have a place to live. We must procreate sexually in order to keep the species going, because as individuals, we are all doomed to die. So logic and reason, if you really use it and don’t just blame it for your personal beliefs and prejudices, must tell you that there had to be a first chicken, a first horse, and a first man. That doesn’t mean that a tyrannosaurus rex laid an egg and a modern chicken hatched from it. It means that the egg hatched something that wasn’t exactly a T. rex, but was pretty close to it. And when that almost T. Rex laid eggs, they produced offspring that was even less like grandma. And maybe after fifty or more generation of small changes, you get a primitive chicken. SO while it can be argued which of those generations was the first chicken, there is no doubt that there was a first chicken, a first horse, a first human, at least in the physical sense.

So if there was a first of everything on the physical plain we are left with the conclusion that there was a time when man either did not exist at all, or he existed as a completely spiritual being, not in the least material. Plato and Aristotle (as well as many other great thinkers) came to the conclusion that man did exist long before the planet itself existed, and that man was a spiritual being. As for procreation, since spirits don’t die, they have no need to create replacements, although they probably could have if they wished to do so.