Those who turn away from the glorious jewel within to seek an outside god, a separate, unresponsive being, are looking for a mere trinket, while disregarding the priceless treasure already in their own keeping. Men of light worship the vision of light: men of darkness and ignorance worship ghosts and dark spirits, demons of the night. … All men choose their own spiritual destiny, whether it is done knowingly or not, for under the Law, their future state must rest in their own hands. I am the God Who ordained the Law, and nothing man can do will change it. My love alone mitigates the consequences of man’s unredeemed wickedness. I am the changeless One. Could a God of Love become a God of Vengeance? Revenge is something alien to Me.” ~The Kolbrin Bible

Actually, God is within and without, but what this means about seeking an outside God is that many people will create a god in their image rather than seeking the real God that actually exists. They can pray and sacrifice all they want to a man-made god, but it will do no good since this god is purely imaginary. Instead of trying to make a god to match our beliefs and desires, we need to awaken our spiritual facilities so that we can communicate with higher beings who will reveal the true God to us and will help us raise our vibrations even higher until we can actually communicate with the True God. Although communicating with God is different from ordinary communication. When one is fortunate enough to reach this level and connect with God, what happens is that for a brief period of time, generally only a few seconds, he feels what it is like to be God. He experiences himself as God. This is not to say that yo actually become God, but you link with Him and know what He knows. It is something like the Vulcan mind meld that Mr. Spock would do.

Do we choose our own spiritual destiny? To a large degree, we do. We can choose to serve God, or not. If we do choose to serve God, then the specific tasks that will be assigned to us will be a mixture of those we ourselves want to do, and those God and his agents assign to us. The part that many refuse to believe is that if we choose to not serve God, or just refuse to choose at all, then because we are in a dark world controlled by Satan, we fall under his control by default. We may think we are following our own free will, but in fact Satan and his minions are controlling us without our ever being aware of it. So the smart thing to do is to make the choice to serve God, and make sure it’s the real God and not a man made version.


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