Plainly, we are called upon to strive with all our power to bring in the Kingdom: that is, to incarnate in the time world the highest spiritual values which we have known. But our ability to do this is strictly dependent on those values being known, at least by some of us, at first hand; and for this first-hand perception, as we have seen, the soul must have a measure of solitude and silence.” ~Evelyn Underhill

We do need to “bring in the Kingdom” of God, but that is more than Underhill indicates. We don’t just need to learn to behave properly in the material world because that is really impossible: the nature of matter and our animal brains and instincts won’t allow it. The Kingdom of God is spirit, not matter, so to return our world to a world of God means it must become spirit again as it was before the fall.

I totally agree, though, that we need to become spiritually knowledgeable and fully enlightened before we can change the world itself, at least to any great degree. It’s a simple thing, really: as long as we are material beings, we need a material world to live in. As we change ourselves and gradually become more and more spiritual, the same must happen to the world, and that means more than just the planet Earth, but all of the material universe.

The good news is the universe is indeed changing and our own solar system is changing including the birth of what is called The Sun of Righteousness in the Bible. This spiritual sun, which should not be confused with the material sun, is in our skies now and shining it’s Light sent from God to awaken spirits and souls and transform the world. Those who resist and refuse to change will simply be left behind.

The first step, of course, is to find a good spiritual teacher or spiritual school and learn to awaken and develop our own spirit and soul and then help others do the same.


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