The Importance of Symbols

Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries; in fact it is the language not only of mysticism and philosophy but of all Nature, for every law and power active in universal procedures is manifested to the limited sense perceptions of man through the medium of symbol. Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being is symbolic of the divine activity by which it is produced. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language. … In a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable.” ~Manly P. Hall

The earliest languages we know of are more symbols than words. The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is a prime example of this. hieroglyphics1

Even earlier are the many cave drawings around the world which were almost certainly intended to express some meaning and not just wall decoration. And virtually all religions, churches, mystery schools, and spiritual schools use symbols in their teachings.

Scientists say that our mind does not actually understand modern language at all. When you hear the word “duck” your brain has to convert the word into an image of a duck before it makes any sense.

In spiritual studies and spiritual growth, all great spiritual teachers and spiritual schools use symbols and images as aids to teaching and awakening the spirit and soul. The soul does not understand words at all and, unlike the brain, cannot convert the word to an appropriate symbol or image so it can understand. The language of the soul is symbols, period. Not words, not emotions, symbols.

Most Christians are totally unaware that the cross symbol, not to be confused with a crucifix, was used as a symbol for God long before Jesus was born. I think I read somewhere that this simple cross in a circle is the earliest known symbol for God. circleCrossThe much more complex cross symbol we use in Cosolargy has the same basic meaning, but also means a lot more. More than I can go into in this article.ComunityCross

The early Greek philosopher, spiritual teacher, and mathematician Pythagoras didn’t insist all of his students understand geometry because it was a cool form of math. He understood that even these simple geometric shapes have meaning to the spirit and soul, as do the more complex ones.

The cross, in various forms, is probably the most powerful symbol to aid in spiritual development and all spiritual students should look at a version of this symbol regularly.


Random Thoughts 6-29-2014

I’m still working on rebuilding my blog in it’s new location and with the new blogging software, but I think I have is nearly done now except for getting the old articles into the new blog. I think I will be done with that in a few days. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover my list of subscribers ore get back my rating on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Since my blog is now considered new by their logic, it isn’t even being referenced by them and wont be until it’s at least 30 days old.


It was shocking enough to learn that a father left his infant in a hot car all day because he forgot about him, but new information is pointing to the possibility that it was deliberate, which is really sad.


This is ridiculous. A family in California hired a live-in nanny. After a while, they fire her for not doing her job, but they can’t kick her out of their house because a judges says that even though she is no longer an employee, the family can’t kick her out without a hearing first. See the full story here.


Another reason to cut back on meat eating. This article on Huff Post says that vegetarians have a smaller carbon footprint.


A homophobic mayor in a small town in South Carolina fired the chief of police because she’s a lesbian. The town council overrode him and hired her back. Wow! Even in a small town in the deep south, inroads for recognition of gays as real people are being made.


Two guys are suing the New Jersey lottery because they threw out their million-dollar winning ticket. It seems they checked the lottery web site shortly after the drawing and the number they saw wasn’t theirs, so they threw out the ticket. Unfortunately for them, the site hadn’t been updated yet (it’s not instantaneous people) so they were looking at the winning numbers for a previous drawing.


Silence like sunlight will illuminate you in God, and will deliver you from phantoms of ignorance” ~Isaac of Nineveh


Bringing In The Kingdom

Plainly, we are called upon to strive with all our power to bring in the Kingdom: that is, to incarnate in the time world the highest spiritual values which we have known. But our ability to do this is strictly dependent on those values being known, at least by some of us, at first hand; and for this first-hand perception, as we have seen, the soul must have a measure of solitude and silence.” ~Evelyn Underhill

We do need to “bring in the Kingdom” of God, but that is more than Underhill indicates. We don’t just need to learn to behave properly in the material world because that is really impossible: the nature of matter and our animal brains and instincts won’t allow it. The Kingdom of God is spirit, not matter, so to return our world to a world of God means it must become spirit again as it was before the fall.

I totally agree, though, that we need to become spiritually knowledgeable and fully enlightened before we can change the world itself, at least to any great degree. It’s a simple thing, really: as long as we are material beings, we need a material world to live in. As we change ourselves and gradually become more and more spiritual, the same must happen to the world, and that means more than just the planet Earth, but all of the material universe.

The good news is the universe is indeed changing and our own solar system is changing including the birth of what is called The Sun of Righteousness in the Bible. This spiritual sun, which should not be confused with the material sun, is in our skies now and shining it’s Light sent from God to awaken spirits and souls and transform the world. Those who resist and refuse to change will simply be left behind.

The first step, of course, is to find a good spiritual teacher or spiritual school and learn to awaken and develop our own spirit and soul and then help others do the same.


God, Within and Without

Those who turn away from the glorious jewel within to seek an outside god, a separate, unresponsive being, are looking for a mere trinket, while disregarding the priceless treasure already in their own keeping. Men of light worship the vision of light: men of darkness and ignorance worship ghosts and dark spirits, demons of the night. … All men choose their own spiritual destiny, whether it is done knowingly or not, for under the Law, their future state must rest in their own hands. I am the God Who ordained the Law, and nothing man can do will change it. My love alone mitigates the consequences of man’s unredeemed wickedness. I am the changeless One. Could a God of Love become a God of Vengeance? Revenge is something alien to Me.” ~The Kolbrin Bible

Actually, God is within and without, but what this means about seeking an outside God is that many people will create a god in their image rather than seeking the real God that actually exists. They can pray and sacrifice all they want to a man-made god, but it will do no good since this god is purely imaginary. Instead of trying to make a god to match our beliefs and desires, we need to awaken our spiritual facilities so that we can communicate with higher beings who will reveal the true God to us and will help us raise our vibrations even higher until we can actually communicate with the True God. Although communicating with God is different from ordinary communication. When one is fortunate enough to reach this level and connect with God, what happens is that for a brief period of time, generally only a few seconds, he feels what it is like to be God. He experiences himself as God. This is not to say that yo actually become God, but you link with Him and know what He knows. It is something like the Vulcan mind meld that Mr. Spock would do.

Do we choose our own spiritual destiny? To a large degree, we do. We can choose to serve God, or not. If we do choose to serve God, then the specific tasks that will be assigned to us will be a mixture of those we ourselves want to do, and those God and his agents assign to us. The part that many refuse to believe is that if we choose to not serve God, or just refuse to choose at all, then because we are in a dark world controlled by Satan, we fall under his control by default. We may think we are following our own free will, but in fact Satan and his minions are controlling us without our ever being aware of it. So the smart thing to do is to make the choice to serve God, and make sure it’s the real God and not a man made version.