The Future Matters

We as adults may actualize and help on the spiritual life in ourselves. But our best hope of giving Spirit its rightful, full expression within the time-world lies in the future. It is toward that, that those who really care must work. Anything which we can do toward persuading into better shape our own deformed characters, compelling our recalcitrant energy into fresh channels, is little in comparison with what might be achieved in the plastic growing psychic life of children did we appreciate our full opportunity and the importance of using it.” ~Evelyn Underhill

In many popular spiritual feel-good books of today, as well as in many of the posts on Facebook and Twitter, we are told something like: the past is gone, the future doesn’t exist, the only thing we can deal with is the present. While the basic idea that we need to act now, and do good today, rather than putting everything off until sometime in the future is a good one, there is also a negative side to this attitude which may actually be greater than the positive.

Look around you. Look at the world, the people, the climate, ad so on. Listen to the news on TV or radio, or look at the web pages of a news service. Are you seeing a description of an ideal world? I certainly hope that what you see and hear is not what you consider ideal. Everyday there are murders, rapes, robberies and other crimes. People are dying of all sorts of nasty diseases and new ones pop up all the time. As I write this, the news is full of stories about a disease known as MERS, which is short for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, a respiratory illness with no known cure and a high mortality rate that has recently entered the United States for the first time.

If we have any sense at all, we realize this is a world that has problems and can improve. We may differ on exactly what to do and how, but nearly all agree that change is needed. And this is where the main problem with the “we only have the present” attitude is found. For starters, how are you defining “present”. Is it today? This hour? This minute? We have clocks so accurate that can break a second into billionths! So by the criteria that the present is one tick on the clock, the present would be less than a billionth of a second. That isn’t enough time to even become aware of anything, let alone doing anything. It should be obvious that if we are to change anything, it must be done in the future, whether that future be one minute, one hour, or one year from now. Yes, we have to start now, but if we do so with the attitude that the future should be ignored we can never plan the type of improvement that take time, sometimes years, decades, even centuries. So yes, we need to act now, but we also need to plan for a better future by remembering and trying to correct the mistakes of the past. And this certainly includes the spiritual aspirant who cannot achieve any significant enlightenment in the present, but must work to get it in the future.


Gods and Heavens

Those who worship gods of their imagination, gods in strange likenesses, which have been brought into being by man’s creative conceptions, will go to those gods who have an existence in a dim shadow realm. Those who worship lower spirits will go to them and those who worship the demons of darkness will join them, for what a man desires, he deserves. There is a link between that which men desire and what becomes established in existence. Provision is made for man to receive the fruits of his own creation.

Whatsoever you do, whatsoever you plan or create, whatsoever you suffer, let it be an offering unto Me, not for My sake, but for yours.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:15:33-34

Some people don’t really care whether or not the god they worship is the real God. Some like to make up a god according to what they think god should be, rather than learning what the real God is. Some people intentionally choose to worship demon, devils, or man-made gods for one reason or another. Some might think that it is just so cool to be a satanist or a demon worshipper. Maybe they think they meat cool people at those satanic or demonic rituals (I have to admit, they are probably more interesting than the robots you find in an evangelical Christian church).

But church isn’t supposed to be a social club, nor is it supposed to be a place to share your personal beliefs and prejudices with others. It should be a place where you are given instructions on how to gain knowledge of God and the spiritual worlds.

And what about the rewards of worship, or learning about God? Many of those who follow false gods, man-made gods, demons and devils, think that they will go to heaven and receive the rewards of those who follow and serve the real God. Why that would be makes no sense at all.

If you were hired to work in an automobile factory and your job was to install fuel pumps, do you think you would get paid in you installed fake fuel pumps instead? If instead of going to work at the factory, you stopped every morning at a nearby bar and drank beer all day instead of doing your job, would you expect a raise from your boss? Yet, there are many who think they can ignore the real God, refuse to serve Him, and instead worship some fake god, or not bother to worship at all, and still reap the rewards of the true servant. As the quote indicates, that doesn’t happen.

If the quoted text isn’t clear, let me try to clear it up. If you worship a phony god of your own making, you will earn a place in a phony heaven of your own making rather than the real one. If you worship demons or devils, you will earn a place in their realm, a realm, I might add, which is now dying, instead of in the realm of the real God. In short, your afterlife is largely your own making, but that doesn’t mean that just because you have fantasies of being welcomed into Heaven despite your refusal to serve God or obey His Law, you will actually get what you want. Worshiping a false god will only get you into a false heaven appropriate for the god you worship. And that includes atheists who essentially are worshiping themselves because they can’t accept that there can be a being superior to themselves.


Random Thoughts 5-25-2014

I was just thinking yesterday that we haven’t had a big shooting event in the news for months. The event in California will, unfortunately, push to the back the other shooting that happened yesterday (or at least was reported yesterday) which was where a sixteen year old was riding in a cab and he thought the driver was taking a longer than necessary route. He told the driver to take a shortcut he knew, and the driver refused, so he shot the driver in the head. The weird thing is the kid is not even denying it, he admits that is what happened.

Surprise, surprise! A new study indicate that cheap junk food like burgers and fries may be a major contributor to our obesity epidemic.

An article now on CNN is titled “Ten Newly Discovered Species”. What is important about this is that it reminds us that there is still quite a bit about this world that we don’t know so we should stop acting as if we know everything and can act accordingly.

We keep being told that college fraternities have stopped all hazing, but in the latest incident, a frat at the University of Tennessee has been suspended when it was discovered that they had hazed pledges by pouring hot sauce on their genitals.

I woke at 3:30 this morning, so I went out on my deck to see the meteor showers. I gave up after about two minutes since I hadn’t seen anything.

There is a spirit in the soul, untouched by time and flesh, flowing from the Spirit, remaining in the Spirit, itself wholly spiritual. In this principle is God, ever verdant, ever flowering in all the joy and glory of His actual Self.” ~Meister Eckhart

A woman in England tried to get out of a couple of speeding tickets sent by speed cameras by claiming her husband was the one driving at the time. The woman got arrested when it was discovered that her husband died some time before the speeding events happened.

A teacher who attacked a kid on a skateboard said a higher power told him to do it. He may be confusing higher with lower.

A man was arrested outside the White House this week after he pulled his clothes off.

Is your face worth millions? Sherman Safford’s is. When he was eighteen, he posed for a Norman Rockwell painting that recently sold for $22.5 million. Rockwell paid the young man $120 to pose for the painting in 1957, which was a typical weeks salary at the time.

A group of seniors at a high school in Pennsylvania are in trouble for releasing hundreds of crickets in the school as a prank. In some oriental countries, a cricket in the house means good luck.

The French national rail company recently ordered 2,000 new trains. Slight problem: they are too wide for the platforms at many stations. So now hundreds of stations will be modified at a cost of $$$$$ to fit the new trains.

Police in Seattle are looking for a man who apparently stole a toilet tank from the restroom at a Subway restaurant.


Being an Adult

Let us leave behind worldly things and raise ourselves towards the soul’s true good. How long shall we continue with trivial playthings? Will we never assume a manly spirit? We are more feeble than tiny children, and unlike them we make no progress towards greater things. When they grow up, they abandon their games, readily relinquishing their attachment to the things they played with … They are attached to these and prize them as long as their understanding is immature, but when they grow up and become men, they drop such things and devote their full attention to the affairs of adult life. We, however, have remained children, enchanted by what deserves mockery and derision. Abandoning all effort to attain higher things and to develop an adult intelligence, we are seduced by worldly amusements, making ourselves a laughing stock to those who judge things at their true value.” ~The Philokalia

This was written long ago, but is probably even more true today. Many would argue otherwise. They will tell you they have a job, a family, a home, and a car. Obviously, they have become responsible adults. But do they have a job that benefits people? Were acres of forest chopped down to clear land to build their home? More significantly, what are they doing with the rest of their time when they are not working.

Most adults today spend most, if not all, of their free time pursuing entertainments. They go to sporting events, movies, plays, concerts, and so on. Now there is noting wrong with those things—occasionally–the problem is that we do them all the time and don’t spend any time pursuing the things that truly make us adults: the care and feeding of the spirit and soul.

A great example of this is they way we eat. We spend a lot of our money on junk foods in the supermarket and in fast-food restaurants and we do so partly because we thing those foods are cheap, but even more because they taste good. We have been led to believe that eating is just a matter of making our taste buds happy. But if we sensibly, like adults, calculated the cost of food based on how well it supplies the nutritional needs of the body, we would find that those fast foods and junk foods are actually the most expensive of all because they have so little of nutritional value in them. A real adult will eat to satisfy the nutritional needs of the body, not just to make his taste buds happy or because a commercial convinced him that some junk food was totally cool. A child, on the other hand, tends to eat the things he thinks taste good.

Abandoning the spirit and soul to pursue material goods is like stopping to pick up pennies on the side of the road while up ahead a mountain of gold awaits. But things are finally starting to change and those of us already involved in real spiritual development are rejoicing and doing all we can to help people wake up, move forward, and truly become adults.