Unable to see Me [God], men declare I do not exist, yet I declare to you that man, with his mortal limitations, sees only a minute part of the whole. Man is the slave of illusion and deception. … Though man cannot perceive the greatness above him, because of its greatness, neither can he see the smallness beneath him, because of its smallness. … In the Beginning, all things arose from the invisible, and into the visible, all things will disappear in the end, but the end is not the end of the spirit. Out beyond this material creation born of the invisible, there is a higher eternal invisible of greater substance. When all material things have passed away, this will remain. Above all is timelessness, which is eternity, and there is My abode.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:15:35

You might think the first part of this is nonsense, or at least very outdated. Man can see the higher things with the help of telescopes and space exploration. He can also see very small things with microscopes. But what is referred to as above us and beneath us does not refer to stars and atoms, but to higher and lower dimensions. Actually, that is not entirely true either. It seems to be so easy for us to see one dimension beneath us and interact with it  that we are generally unaware that we are doing so. We think many things are part of the third dimension that we dwell in while in material form, but they are actually part of the second dimension. On the other hand, seeing into and interacting with higher dimensions seems considerably more difficult. This is what makes it easy for demons that dwell in the forth dimension to interfere with us down on the third while we are unaware of them.

The good news is that we can see into and communicate with higher dimensions with training. A good spiritual school can teach you how to raise your energy level, your vibrational frequencies, and your focus so that you can see into and communicate with beings on higher levels, specifically the angels and other Beings of Light that dwell in the fifth dimension. This is, in fact, the only way to truly know God and to truly understand His Plan and His mission for each of us.

The quoted text goes on to tell us that the higher dimensions are those of spirit and they are timeless and eternal. It says this is where God dwells, and this is where we must go to find Him. He is not going to debase Himself by descending into the muck and mire with us. Instead he periodically sends teachers into the world to awaken people to the need to work to reach up to higher levels. So don’t get left behind.


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