Dimensions of Reality

Unable to see Me [God], men declare I do not exist, yet I declare to you that man, with his mortal limitations, sees only a minute part of the whole. Man is the slave of illusion and deception. … Though man cannot perceive the greatness above him, because of its greatness, neither can he see the smallness beneath him, because of its smallness. … In the Beginning, all things arose from the invisible, and into the visible, all things will disappear in the end, but the end is not the end of the spirit. Out beyond this material creation born of the invisible, there is a higher eternal invisible of greater substance. When all material things have passed away, this will remain. Above all is timelessness, which is eternity, and there is My abode.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:15:35

You might think the first part of this is nonsense, or at least very outdated. Man can see the higher things with the help of telescopes and space exploration. He can also see very small things with microscopes. But what is referred to as above us and beneath us does not refer to stars and atoms, but to higher and lower dimensions. Actually, that is not entirely true either. It seems to be so easy for us to see one dimension beneath us and interact with it  that we are generally unaware that we are doing so. We think many things are part of the third dimension that we dwell in while in material form, but they are actually part of the second dimension. On the other hand, seeing into and interacting with higher dimensions seems considerably more difficult. This is what makes it easy for demons that dwell in the forth dimension to interfere with us down on the third while we are unaware of them.

The good news is that we can see into and communicate with higher dimensions with training. A good spiritual school can teach you how to raise your energy level, your vibrational frequencies, and your focus so that you can see into and communicate with beings on higher levels, specifically the angels and other Beings of Light that dwell in the fifth dimension. This is, in fact, the only way to truly know God and to truly understand His Plan and His mission for each of us.

The quoted text goes on to tell us that the higher dimensions are those of spirit and they are timeless and eternal. It says this is where God dwells, and this is where we must go to find Him. He is not going to debase Himself by descending into the muck and mire with us. Instead he periodically sends teachers into the world to awaken people to the need to work to reach up to higher levels. So don’t get left behind.


Despise Possessions?

Let us begin, then, to withdraw from the thing of this world. Let us despise possessions and money and all that swamps and drowns our intelligence. …Those who travel by sea, when overtaken by a storm, do not worry about their merchandise but throw it into the waters with their own hands, considering their property less important than their life. Why, then, do we not follow their example, and for the sake of the higher life despise whatever drags our soul down to the depths? Why is fear of God less powerful than fear of the sea? …
Do athletes compete with their clothes on? No, the rules require them to enter the stadium naked. … Yet, instead of stripping ourselves, we try to engage in the contest while carrying countless burdens on our shoulders, thus giving our opponents many chances of getting a grip on us.” ~The Philokalia

We do need to withdraw from the things of the world, but despising possessions and the material world in general is probably going a little too far. We don’t need to hate the material world, indeed we should not, because the source of it is the spiritual world, the realm of God and the angels. We don’t hate a person for having a physical deformity, so we shouldn’t hate the spirit that has been deformed into matter. Spirit is still at it’s root. We can have possessions, we can wear clothes and live in a house, but we should avoid becoming attached to these things.

The quoted section gives the example of a ship caught in a storm and how even the owners of the property will throw possessions overboard in order to save themselves. That is the proper attitude to have for material goods, but the real “storm” we should be concerned with is the battle of the Children of Light and the Forces of Darkness for possession of our souls. Many people seem to have the idea that by default, when they die physically, their soul and spirit will go to heaven and be claimed by the Children of Light as one of their own and the only way they will be claimed by the dark ones is if they do something really evil or, as in many classic novels, sell their soul to Satan. The truth is, if you ask Satan to buy your soul he will laugh in your face. As an old saying goes (on a totally different subject); why buy the cow if you can get free milk?

Satan doesn’t need to buy your soul because as long as you are in the grips of materialism, it is already his! You need to wrestle it away from him, in a manner of speaking, by turning away from materialism, by rejecting attachments to physical objects, and become attached instead to God and obeying His will and fulfilling His Plan.

I had to include the part about athletes competing naked for a little humor, but it does make a point. When we become attached to material things, and then try to develop spiritually, the demons can use those attachments to pull us away from our spiritual intentions. Then can cause a car to crash into our beloved auto, they can cause a forest fire to burn our house, etc. By not getting attached to things, we take that away from them.


The Heart and the Golden Rule

To recognize and began the shift into new, Intuition Age perception, you need to feel how limited you are by old perception and consciously decide to expand beyond beyond what’s been so familiar. …
The heart is really a kind of brain, and it generate an electromagnetic field of radiance that’s spherical in nature. … Your hears resonates with all other hearts, all other souls, and all other centerpoints. By being in your heart, you can know the core experience of any other being or reality—and you can know yourself as the whole unified field. … And as you experience spherical-holographic perception, you have insight into the workings of collective consciousness and an understanding of why the Golden Rule exists in all cultures.” ~Penney Peirce

It is an interesting fact that the Golden Rule, with some slight variation, exists in virtually all religions of the world. Many would say this is simply because newer faiths have copied from the older ones, and there is some truth to that. But it is also true that the same rule exists in religions that were isolated from other parts of the world until long after this rule was made a part of their teachings. And even if it was the result of copying, why would religious leaders copy the teaching of another religion unless they truly believed them?

When Ms. Peirce starts talking about the heart being like a brain, I suspect she lost a lot of people. Certainly doctors and scientists can tell you that is simply not true, but they are wrong. The problem is they are thinking in terms of the physical heart, while Peirce is talking about something more spiritual, specifically: the energy center, or chakra, that is located in the physical location of the heart. These energy centers and far more important to us than is recognized by Western sciences. Chinese acupuncture, for example, is based on the idea that the flow of energy from these centers to the physical body, and the various physical organs, is partially blocked causing the area to become weak and ill and that removing the blockage will heal the body.

This energy centers are also the location of much of what we call “personality” and an expert who can look at a photo of a person and see the energy fields around him can predict not only what physical illnesses the person is likely to suffer from, but also the type of personality he has. A person who is strongest in the red and orange centers and color bodies will be materialistic and is likely to have an aggressive and extroverted personality, while one who is stronger in the blue and purple will be introverted, calm, and prone to daydreaming.

Part of the job of becoming an enlightened person is to get these centers in balance and as strong as possible. This gives you the energy to increase your vibrations so you can communicate with higher beings and learn from them.

Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful” -Buddhism

All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” -Christianity

This is the sum of duty: do not unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.” -Hinduism

No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.” -Islam

What is hateful to you, do not do to you fellow man. This is the law; all the rest is commentary.” -Judaism

Respect for all life is the foundation” – Native American


Dealing With Animals

According to the accounts of many travelers the negro women of Dutch Guiana, the Obeah women, excel in taming very large snakes called amodites, or papa; they make them descend from the trees, follow, and obey them by merely speaking to them.
We have seen in India a small brotherhood of fakirs settled round a little lake, or rather a deep pool of water, the bottom of which was covered with enormous alligators. “These amphibious monsters crawl out and sun themselves a few feet from the fakirs. …
When Iamblichus, Herodotus, Pliny or some other ancient writer tells us of priests who caused asps to come forth from the altar of Isis, or of thaumaturgists taming with a glance the most ferocious animals, they are considered liars and ignorant imbeciles. … But despite materialistic skepticism, man does possess such a power…” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Throughout history there have been stories of people able to exercise some odd power or control over wild animals. In the Christian world, the best known of these is probably St. Francis of Assisi, but there have been many others. In a few cases, we find tales of people who are apparently able to get animals to do their bidding, but usually this power is manifest more in the ability to get animals that are usually very violent and dangerous, to stay calm and friendly for a time and not hurt anyone.

While this may all seem like variation on a single theme, there is a difference between the people practicing the two types of control over animals. First, there is the dark side. Those who are, in essence, using demonic powers to control animals and get them to do their bidding. This may be anything from getting the animals to leave a particular area to getting them to attack and kill people. The main difference between these and the other, however, is that they are forcing these animals to obey them and do their will. This, obviously, is an evil and demonic use of such power and karma usually gets those who behave like this.

On the other side, there are those who also “control” dangerous animals, in a sense, but they do it by agreement. In short, they deal with the animal as if it is an equal and has equal rights. Rather than using force-of-will to control the animal, they ask the animals to do something, usually in exchange for giving the animal something they want such as food or shelter. The founder of our Cosolargy community here is Reno was able to do this. Our sanctuary in the mountains here has many rattlesnakes in it. I think the estimate is around 1,500. But when the sanctuary was first opened, the founder talked to the snakes and made an agreement with them: if they would stay away from us when we were having spiritual events in the sanctuary, we would agree to not hunt them and kill them. And to this day, several years after our founders physical death, we still rarely see any snakes in the sanctuary, although we see plenty of evidence that they are there.

In short, just as with people, you will get a lot more cooperation from animals by getting agreements with them rather than trying to force them to obey you.