One of the very few commentators on old Greek and Latin authors, who have given their dues to the ancients for their mental development, is Thomas Taylor. In his translation of Iamblichus’ ‘Life of Pythagoras,’ we find him remarking as follows: ‘Since Pythagoras, as Iamblichus informs us, was initiated in all the Mysteries of Byblus and Tyre, in the sacred operations of the Syrians, and in the Mysteries of the Phoenicians, and also that he spent two and twenty years in the adyta of temples in Egypt, associated with the magians in Babylon, and was instructed by them in their venerable knowledge, …” H. P. Blavatsky

Some people trying to gain spiritual wisdom believe that they can do so entirely on their own. That they can just read a few books, follow the instructions, and become enlightened. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy.

First, those books are usually very incomplete, having only the beginning techniques necessary to get started, but little, if any, of the advanced methods. Also, those books often contain some truths disguised in a way that most people cannot truly understand without knowing the key to its translation.

Second, if the books are any good, they don’t actually teach what is truth, but only how to access that truth.

Many people probably never though about people like Pythagoras, or even Jesus, attending schools and studying, but they did. While there are various reasons for this, it should be obvious that working with a spiritual school or spiritual community is almost always necessary for significant results. One reason is that they can help you understand the intentional ambiguity in ancient spiritual writings. Another is that it is easier to raise your own frequencies when working together with others doing the same. A third major reason is that students can help protect each other from attacks by dark forces while practicing spiritual disciplines and being led off on the wrong path. Another is that others following the same path can help you feel better when materialistic friends frown on your spiritual activities.

In short, those who work with a spiritual school and community are more likely to succeed than those who try it on their own.


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