I certainly hope they find something definite on flight 370 soon so the Flight 370 channel can become CNN again.

If you haven’t done so yet, you have about two weeks left to file your tax return.

Wow! A wealthy couple with a yacht and two houses and $3 million in various banks were collecting food stamps and other types of welfare in two states because little effort is made to verify the stories people tell when they apply for such benefits. And now that they have been found out, it is believed that they have fled to another country, but authorities don’t know which one.

It’s really hard to believe there are still people denying global warming. Of course, it’s totally understandable with the Koch brothers who make millions by polluting the environment, but not understandable that when they hold out their wallets to politicians, those politicians often will agree with their fantasies.

It’s funny that the reviews of the new movie NOAH are not just a little different, but very different.

McDonald’s is fighting Taco Bell for breakfast customers by offering a free small coffee to each customer for the next two weeks. I haven’t seen any of them yet, but I understand Taco Bell is advertising their new breakfast menu bu using real guys who are names Ronald McDonald.

According to some studies, black dogs are less likely to get adopted from a shelter than other colors. When Massachusetts photographer Fred Levy heard this, he decided to do a series of photos showing the beauty of black dogs.

The Andean Explorers will be doing a tour of Peru in August of this year. Click here for more details.

Fly Away, fly away bird to your native home,
You have leapt free of the cage
Your wings are flung back in the wind of God.
Leave behind the stagnant and marshy waters,
Hurry, hurry, hurry, O bird, to the source of life
!” ~Rumi


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