Because the world is increasing in frequency, you may be experiencing reality in a new, faster, more multidirectional way that supersedes the sequential, one-thing-at-a-time, linear processing we’ve come to know so well. Today—right now—we’re shifting to a new inner geometry of perception—one based on the sphere and the hologram. …
With spherical perception, every point of view can expand and contract spherically to include more or less of the unified field of consciousness-and-energy, with everything contained in the present moment. With holographic perception, any part of the brain, any part of life, and any point of view can contain the entirety of the whole self and whole reality. As I mentioned before, science is gradually discovering that both your brain and the universe are like a hologram.” ~Penney Peirce

Most of us know that a hologram is a kind of three dimensional image that is reproduced by shining a laser, or lasers, on the film it is recorded on. Not as many are aware that if you cut the recorded holograph in half, unlike a normal photograph, when you shine a laser on each half, each part will show the entire image. This happens even when the film is cut into four, ten, or even twenty pieces. It seems like the whole image is recorded on every part of the film.

So when we consider the physical universe as a hologram, this has some interesting implications. If just like a holographic film, each part contains an image of the whole, then theoretically we do not have to travel all over the universe to learn about it, we can simply study a small part in the correct way, and learn the whole. Obviously, the correct way is not the mechanical way that has governed most scientific research for centuries. A more organic and holistic approach is needed. What this means, in a general way, is that instead of the biologist studying a specific animal, ant the chemist studying the effects of a specific chemical, etc. without looking at anything else, they would study the animal not as an individual, but part of the universe. How does it related to other species? How does it affect the whole? How are other species affected by it?

The other, perhaps more significant implication is the new importance of light, both the material and the spiritual kind, that is implied by this. A hologram is nothing more than a matrix of light. And, according to what was said above, each beam of this light contains the knowledge of the whole. On the material level, that implies that a beam of this light could provide virtually all information we might need about the entire universe—if we knew how to extract and interpret that information.

When it come to spiritual Light, the same thing applies with regard to the spiritual levels of reality. And, fortunately, we have the ability to interpret it in our souls. We just have to awaken the soul, which is usually not easy, but doable, and then it can receive and interpret the spiritual light coming to us mostly from the spiritual sun. Even better, since the spiritual worlds are the source from which the material hologram is generated and continuously powered, understanding the spiritual also makes it possible to truly understand the material in a complete and fundamental way that doesn’t happen when you have one scientist studying the woodchuck, and another studying global warming, and another studying sound vibrations, then trying to somehow tie it all together. In other words, if scientists truly want to understand the universe, they need to include the spiritual in their studies.


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