Give In to It

Nothing is more certain than this; first that we shall never know the spiritual world unless we give ourselves the chance of attending to it, clear a space for it in our busy lives; and next, that it will not produce its real effect in us, unless it penetrates below the the conscious surface into the deeps of the instinctive mind, and molds this in accordance with the regnant idea. If we are to receive the gifts of the cultus, we on our part must bring to it at the very least what we bring to all great works of art that speak to us: that is to say, attention, surrender, sympathetic emotion. Otherwise, like all other works of art, it will remain external to us.” ~Evelyn Underhill

This is something I have said more than once: those who can’t find God, those who can’t experience anything spiritual are simply not looking for it. Many of them are so egotistical, they actually expect God to go after them, rather than the other way around.

Ms Underhill tells us that even seeking out the spiritual regularly is not enough. We need it to penetrate below the surface. What this really means is that we can’t just look for it, we must open up to it, let it fill us, let it take control of us, at least briefly. Only then can our souls be truly awakened to the Light and be nourished and enlightened by it.

I had not thought of using the analogy or art appreciation, but it is a good choice. Whether it be a painting, a piece of music, or a great poem, letting yourself be absorbed by it, becoming a part of it’s world, is the best way to totally appreciate it. We have probably all experienced this at least once with a movie or TV show where we become so involved in it that we start rooting for the hero, or crying when Ol’ Yeller dies, etc. We become so involved, that we actually become part of it. That is the way we need to approach spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you approach it only like a historian reading about it, the best you can do is become a spiritual historian, not an enlightened person. This is true even if the book you study is the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads, or other books considered scripture. Reading books can only take you so far. You need to experience spirituality. You need to actually practice spiritual techniques. You need to let it fill your mind and soul and spirit. Only then can you truly become enlightened. But don’t expect it to happen overnight. Like all great things, it takes time.


Random Thoughts 2-23-2013

It’s so sad when I hear news reporters referring to rampant materialism as a wonderful success story and a fulfillment of the American Dream. The founders of this country must be spinning in their graves at this warped concept. The original American dream was to find a country where people were not slaves of others, or of the government. Where people could practice their religion, whatever it might be, without fear of being prosecuted, or forced to join a state religion. How far we have fallen from that ideal with people passing laws that will allow a business to refuse certain customers because they consider their behavior wrong based on their religion, or refuse to hire someone for the same reason. And where the wealthy keep getting richer, while the working poor, who are the ones doing all the actual work, keep getting poorer.

The Russian government is saying the Cossack, working as security for the government, filmed hitting members of Pussy Riot with a whip, has been “held responsible”. I’m assuming that means he got a thank you letter and a bonus.

NBC says they haven’t been showing the medal ceremonies in their Olympic coverage because they just don’t have time, yet the seem to have time to televise the same event two or three times. And by selecting to televise only the most popular sports, we have missed seeing most of the wins by Americans. Then they wonder why viewing is down from previous Olympics. Of course, some of it is due to people protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws.

There are rumors that the planned Tesla battery factory will be built in Norther Nevada.

Ted Nugent has said he is sorry for the vile things he recently said about the President. I hope no one is dumb enough to believe that. What he is sorry for is that he went too far and got scolded by his Tea Party friends who probably told them he was making them look even more like idiots than they actually are. Of course, Nugent still hasn’t kept his promise to be either dead or in jail if Obama was reelected.  But then, the Tea Partiy types don’t believe in telling the truth.

A new use of CGI? According to at least one critic, the new movie/special effects fest titled Pompeii not only used CGI to get those cool explosions of the volcano, fireballs flying everywhere, buildings falling on people, etc. but also used CGI to help the cast a little. Some of those shirtless hunks didn’t beef up entirely at the gym. CGI was used to give them bigger and better defined abs than they actually have in real life.

Being free from all distraction, he can undertake his practice wholeheartedly. Non-attachment enriches the nature of his practice. Practice combined with non-attachment helps him to continue his search until he reaches the goal.” ~Swami Rama


Religion, Real and False

  “Your souls are freezing in the
Clutches of the priests and
Sorcerers, and your bodies
Tremble between the paws of the
Despots and the shedders of
Blood, and your country quakes
Under the marching feet of the
Conquering enemy; what may you
Expect even though you stand
Proudly before the face of the
Sun? Your swords are sheathed
With rust, and your spears are
Broken, and your shields are
Laden with gaps; why, then, do
You stand in the field of battle?

Hypocracy is your religion, and
Falsehood is your life, and
Nothingness is your ending; why,
Then are you living? Is not
Death the sole comfort of the/Miserables? …

Knowledge is a light, enriching
The warmth of life, and all may
Partake who seek it out; but you,
My Countrymen, seek out darkness
And flee the light …

 ~Kahlil Gibran ( from the poem My Countrymen)

Gibran certainly has a way of saying a great deal in a few words. Yes, sadly, many of us are under the control of false priests and ministers that are sanctioned by the governments because they promote the materialistic ideas and desires of those governments, who in turn are controlled by big business. Further, these false churches and false spiritual teachers who should be teaching that we must all live together in peace, are instead encouraging their congregation members to go off and fight in wars because that is what the governments want because that is what big business wants because it helps them sell their goods and services. And when a true spiritual teacher comes along and tries to correct these errors, he is either laughed at as a fool, or arrested and jailed as a dangerous revolutionary.

Other people, realizing that the churches they know are teaching mostly falsehood, decide that all religion is phony and give up on it when what they should be doing is seeking out a real church or spiritual school. As Gibran points out, if you believe in nothing but the falsehood of materialism, why do you bother to even stay alive? If your life, and the lives of everyone else have no meaning, why not end the misery and die? But, of course, as defective as it is, life does have meaning and value and, like a broken machine or worn out shoe, can be repaired. We can work to fulfill God’s Plan to return this world back to it’s state of pure spirit in which it existed before The Fall.

It is also very true that light is “enriching”, especially spiritual light, especially the spiritual light of the Sun of Righteousness which we are fortunate enough to be living under right now. Yet, as Gibran says, many choose to seek out the darkness instead of the light. Fortunately, this is usually out of ignorance and not a true desire to live in darkness, so it is possible to educate people to the fact that materialistic endeavors are the darkness and the light is found in spirit. Hopefully, this blog contributes in a small way to providing that education. Of course, I encourage all who want to seriously pursue spiritual enlightenment to contact Cosolargy or the Jamilian University (two branches of the same institution).


Some Quotes from The Kolbrin Bible with Comments

Some quotes from the Kolbrin Bible (GLN 11) with comments.

The One who is the God of Gods is so great that He cannot be defined in the speech of men. Neither can they conceive Him in their thoughts, for He is beyond their understanding.

As I’ve written before, the real God, the spiritual God, the one Jesus called “Father”, cannot be understood by the human mind, except in a very vague way. But since most of us don’t know how to awaken our souls, which can understand God, we are reduced to creating gods in our own mind, gods which are therefore created in our image rather than the other way around, and this, obviously, means we are worshiping false gods. And when a prophet such as Jesus, Buddha, or Zoroaster come to teach us of the real God, the lack of our ability to understand the teachings usually results in our declaring the prophet to be God.

Nor do ritual and worship do harm of themselves, unless they, too, thickly overlay the truth so that it is buried from sight. … What are the lesser gods beloved by unawakened men but thought-conceived friends and guides? Yet, this is a dangerous path men tread, balanced between light and darkness. Therefore, when man wanders toward the abyss of darkness, reveal a little more light, that he may see and so return to the path.

Some people are simply not ready for spiritual truth. For them, worshiping man-made gods may be better than worshiping nothing because at least such worship can provide them with laws and a moral compass. Unfortunately, even the best of these religions are usually and gradually tainted by the demons who alter the teachings until they no longer resemble in any way true religion. That is why prophets, the greatest of which are angelic beings occupying a human body, are periodically sent to help turn people back in the right direction. And now that the End Times are upon us, the time for playing with false gods is over and we must awaken to the true God of Spirit, or parish along with the material world.

The greatest wickedness in the eyes of the God of Gods is all incest of the first degree, [goes on to describe various types of incest such as father-daughter, etc.] This is a wickedness unto the God of God’s … Therefore they who commit such an act shall perish by fire.”

On to a very different subject now. I don’t think I agree that incest is the greatest sin, but it is certainly near the top of the list, especially when it involves children. What is really the greatest sin is ignorance of God because evil is only possible when one is in that state. A person who truly knows and understands God will do no evil, for he understands the consequences.

What I really found interesting in this section about sexual sinners is that there is no mention of homosexuality. So why do so many Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians constantly harp on it while ignoring virtually everything else in the Bible including Jesus’ warning to not worry about the mote in your brother’s eye when you have a log in your own?

Eat only food known to be wholesome and which gives contentment to the stomach. In taste, it should be soothing and refreshing, never bringing pain and discomfort. Eat not of anything too dry or oversalted, or which brings sickness upon you.

Good advice then just as it is now, yet so many refuse to listen and eat the worst crap possible. You would think it would not be necessary to tell people that they shouldn’t continue to eat foods that make them sick, yet do we not see commercials today advising us that we can once again eat the foods we like, even though they make us sick, because we can then take a pill to make our stomach feel better.?