The type of thought we entertain has it’s effect upon our energies and to a great extent upon out bodily conditions and states. Strong, clear-cut, positive, hopeful thought has a stimulating and life-giving effect upon one’s outlook, energies, and activities; and upon all bodily functions and powers. A falling state of the mind induces a chronically gloomy and produces inevitably a falling condition of the body.” ~Ralph Waldo Trine

    Many of us try to take care of our physical bodies with healthy food and exercise. That is all good as far as it goes, but often it isn’t enough. I’m sure we have all known people who eat well, don’t smoke, don’t drink much, and exercise, yet still get sick and still seem to age faster than they should. One of the causes of this is their thought patterns.

    A person who has negative thoughts regularly is going to harm his health by doing so. As I have said before, thoughts are energy and energy does work. Naturally, the work done by negative thoughts like hatred, jealousy, greed, etc. is going to be negative. These negative thoughts can harm others too, but mostly they will harm ourselves. Unfortunately, as Candace Pert wrote in Molecules of Emotion, negative thoughts and emotions can alter brain chemistry in a way that some people find pleasant and become addicted to causing them to desire it and therefore encouraging more negative thinking.

    On the other hand, positive thoughts and emotions can improve our physical health. For starters, people who are generally positive in outlook will have stronger immune systems than negative people and so be better able to fight off bacteria and viruses that cause many illnesses. Positive people will also tend to avoid doing those things that expose them to unnecessary dangers and accidents. A positive person notices what is going on around her more than a depressed, withdrawn, negative person does, so is better able to react in a self-protective way such as noticing that the truck pulling onto the highway has blown a tire and seem to be loosing control giving her a chance to move over or hit her brakes to avoid a collision.

    Positive thinking also has a good effect on your spiritual growth. A positive person is more mentally and spiritually tolerant and open to new ideas and that is necessary if you are going to learn the spiritual truths necessary for true enlightenment.

    So what if you are one of those mostly negative people? What can you do about it? Plenty. Simply by acknowledging that what I have written is true, you have made progress. The next step is to practice being positive as often as you can. Positive people usually don’t have to think about being positive, but you do. You will have to make a conscious effort to be more positive. Pay attention to what you are thinking in various situations that occur during the day and, when you find yourself reacting to them negatively, try to thing of something positive in the situation. And especially at night, before you go to sleep, review the day and thing about the things that happened, how you reacted, and how you could have handled them more positively. Do this enough, and this more positive outlook will soon become habit and you will see improvements in your life and health because of it.


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