The Nazarene was the Master Physician of His people. No other man knew so much of our bodies and of their elements and properties…
They say also that Jesus visited India and the Country between the Two Rivers, and that there the priests revealed to Him the knowledge of all that is hidden in the recesses of our flesh.
Yet that knowledge may have been given Him direct by the gods, and not through the priests. For that which has remained umknown to all men for an aeon may be disclosed to one man in but a moment. And Apollo may lay his hand on the heart of the obscure and make it wise.” ~from Jesus The Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran

    Jesus knew how to heal many illnesses, physical, mental, psychic and spiritual. He studied under priests in several countries, but also got most of this knowledge through Gnosis. Once the Holy Spirit had descended upon him, he had that knowledge available to him, that universal knowledge that is never put to writing to prevent it from being corrupted or misused, and could use it. It is recorded in the Bible and other scriptures that were left out of the Bible for various reasons, that Jesus healed many, but what is not obvious is that much of this healing was not to the physical body, but to the spirit. Jesus really didn’t care if a person was physically blind, as long as his spiritual eyes were opened. He really didn’t care much if a person couldn’t hear with his ears as long as he could hear with his soul. And he didn’t care all that much if a man couldn’t walk on his legs as long as his spirit could fly through the stars. Yes, Jesus did occasionally heal a physical ailment when he took pity on the ill person or when he say that doing so would allow that person to do God’s work in the future, but his main interest was always the health of the soul and the spirit.

    By the way, note that Gibran specifically mentions Apollo, the Greek sun god, as a source of that Gnosis.


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