Wouldn’t it be great if we could always look ahead and see the outcome of our choices before we make them? We would know which job offer to accept and which to turn down (don’t laugh, we could reach that stage again). We would know which computer to buy that will last the longest, yet meet our needs. We would know which new car will save the most in the long run because it will last for years without and major problems. Which house to buy, which college to go to, etc, we would know, no more guessing.

    It could even apply to simple, everyday decisions. We would know which snacks our fussy-eater will like before he even tries one. We would know which tie will make a good impression on the new client. We would know what is wrong with our per before even going to the vets.

    Of course, there would be no lotteries. Who would be dumb enough to sell lottery tickets when people could look into the future and see the winning numbers? And no casinos. They are certainly not going to want to play black jack with you if you always know when you have a winning hand. Even knowing when a slot machine is about to pay off so you can bet the maximum on the spin would make the slots unprofitable.

    Marketing and advertising people would certainly be in a bind. How can they convince people to buy something their clients want to sell when everyone would already know that it’s junk? And don’t even try to cheat on your taxes: the auditors would know before you even finished filing.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), that is not likely to happen. While there are a few of us who get glimpses into the future, no one sees everything with total clarity and detail for the simple reason that it is not all predetermined. For spiritual people, this is not really a problem. Spiritual people are often guided without being consciously aware that it is happening. We may have no idea why we choose one job over another, or one house over another, but that doesn’t mean our friends in the spirit worlds were not aiding us in making that decision. And they will be even more helpful in guiding our decisions regarding matters of spirit and spiritual growth since that is their primary, if not only, concern. And we can get even more guidance from them by acknowledging it and opening ourselves up to it.


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