I am the wind that breathes upon the sea,
I am the wave on the ocean,
I am the murmur of leaves rustling,
I am the rays of the sun,” ~The Black Book of Carmanthan

    Some seek God’s Light in dark caves. Others, in churches, temples or other religious buildings in which the windows have been painted over to block out most of the light; in essence, a man-made cave. Why would you expect to find Light in a dark place? If you wish to find apples, you look in a tree, not under a rock. If you wish to find gold, you look in a gold mine, not in a tree. If you wish to breath the perfume of rose, you look for roses bushes, not swamp weeds.

    In a dark cave, what you will find is not God, but demons, some of whom are clever and will trick you into believing they are God, or at least angels of God, but just because they claim it doesn’t make it true.

    Some people laugh at the idea of turning to the sun to experience God’s light. Why, I do not know. We all know that a spiritual thing is usually found in this world in the same location as it’s physical counterpart. Native American’s look to a physical bear to find the spirit of bear, and rightly so. And, if we want to find the greatest concentration of God’s Spiritual Light, it should be obvious that the place to turn is the sun which is the greatest source of physical light, on Earth anyway. But looking at the physical object does not put you in touch with the spiritual (it can also damage your eyes!). You need to be taught by qualified spiritual teachers how to look at the spiritual sun, not the physical one.


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