If we are caught in moods that are drab, our eyes have little chance of seeing color. Even now, [Blue]Jay and Cardinal can stir us with their blues and reds if we have the heart to see them.” ~from the book A Cherokee Feast of Days by Joyce Sequichie

    Depressed people often cannot understand how other people can be happy. They look around and see only depressing things, gray things. They see death and disease. The see theft and violence. They look at a rose bush in full bloom and, instead of seeing beautiful, colorful flowers and smelling their sweet perfume, they see nothing but some dead worms on the ground under the rose bush. They look at a laughing baby and, instead of being filled with joy at his potential, they see only someone contributing to overpopulation, someone who will suffer from illnesses and probably be sent off to fight in a war, someone who is likely to commit crimes against other people.

    All those things are real, of course, but so is the positive side. That happy baby may grow up to cure a deadly disease, or help solve a hunger crisis, or bring peace to warring nations. Those too are possibilities, but the depressed, pessimistic person doesn’t see them.

    So, if you find yourself being one of those who can only see the gray, make an effort to get out and see the blue of the jay and the red of the cardinal. See the good in the world, and not just the bad.

    And if you have a friend who has a depressed, pessimistic outlook, help that person to lift his eyes and see the rose, see the dandelion as a flower and not just as a weed, and see the laughing baby as a potential savior, not just a potential criminal.


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