Bricks and brick walls have symbology that can be both negative and positive.

    Individually, a brick can symbolize following superstitions in place of true spiritual knowledge or believing in something man-made rather than something natural. Bricks also represent the lower, earthbound levels of existence in which the soul must be awakened and developed in order to rise to higher, more spiritual planes.

    Building a brick wall could be a positive symbol in that we are building something of value such as building a spiritual community or simply adding bricks to our own spiritual knowledge. It can also be negative, as in building a wall as a barrier to keep out truths we are unwilling to accept or that we find uncomfortable. In Tarot, a brick wall can symbolize growth, development, progress, stability, or on the negative side it can symbolize blockages, borders, barriers, shielding, hiding or limitation. A brick wall might represent a jail to some and therefore be a symbol of guilt, real or imaginary.

    Joel Green Interprets the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz as a symbol of the road to self-actualization or the path to enlightenment. Indeed, some have interpreted the whole story as a spiritual journey of enlightenment.

    So if you see bricks or a brick wall in a dream or vision, you have to look at the rest of the scene to help you determine the meaning. I once dreamed I was helping a group of people from my church build a brick building. I interpret that as a positive sign indicating that I belonged with the community and would contribute to it. If, on the other hand, I had dreamed of a rick wall falling on me, or me falling off a brick wall and breaking to pieces like Humpty Dumpty, that would have been negative brick symbology.


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