Holy Basil Leaf is popular in Ayurvedic medicine of India where it is called Tulsi. It is used to treat colds and flu including swine flu. It is also used as a treatment for diabetes and asthma. It helps protect the entire respiratory system from damage. It is used for indigestion and other stomach problems. It is sometimes recommended for treating headaches and earaches. It is helpful in treating fevers and bronchitis. Holy Basil contains chemicals that reduce pain and inflammation. It also has chemicals that can lower blood sugar. Ayurvedic cough syrups usually contain holy basil. It is also an expectorant. A teas made of the leaves can be gargled to treat sore throats. Chewing the leaves is helpful for mouth sores and infections. It is said to strengthen the kidneys and it can help remove kidney stones. It strengthens the heart and reduces cholesterol. Holy basil is effective in preventing and reducing health problems caused by stress as it seems to function as an anti-stress agent. It acts like an insect repellent when taken internally. It protects from the damage of environmental toxins. It slows the aging process and improves health generally.

    Externally, it is sometimes used for ringworm and vitiligo (a skin disease that causes white patches). It can also be put on insect bites to reduce swelling and itching. You can also make eye drops from it to treat sore, tired eyes and weak night vision caused by lack of vitamin A.


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