Joy and Sadness, Laughter and Tears

I would not exchange the laughter of my heart for the fortunes of the multitudes; nor would I be content with converting my tears, invited by my agonized self, into calm. It is my fervent hope that my whole life on the earth will ever be tears and laughter.” ~Kahlil Gibran

    There are some who believe that when they become enlightened individuals they will live in total bliss, total joy, never having a sad moment, never having a need for tears except possibly tears of Joy. Gibran, a very wise man and spiritual teacher, knew better.

    Of course, it is perfectly normal to dislike the sad moments in our lives, the moments that made us cry. We wish that the love who broke up with us never did so. We wish that our family members and friends never died. We wish our pets lived as long as we do so we would have no reason to grieve. But think about it for a minute.

    In virtually all cases, those sad moments, or sad times, when we were brought to tears in our sadness, are the result of an ending to a period of great happiness. The breakup of a relationship would not bother us if it hadn’t been a joyful and loving one. The death of a family member would not bring us to tears if that person did not bring us happiness while she was alive.

    If we think about it even more, we will find that those periods of grief and sadness using end with the start of new opportunities for joy. After the breakup, we meet someone else we are more compatible with and have a more loving and happy relationship. After a friend dies, we make new friends. After a pet dies, we have an opportunity to adopt another and bring joy and a rich life to another.

    In short, everything is cycles and laughter and tears are the two sides of the same coin. Gibran understood this, so he had no desire to eliminate either from his life. Hopefully, you too wile understand this someday.


Natural Healing: Holy Basil

            Holy Basil Leaf is popular in Ayurvedic medicine of India where it is called Tulsi. It is used to treat colds and flu including swine flu. It is also used as a treatment for diabetes and asthma. It helps protect the entire respiratory system from damage. It is used for indigestion and other stomach problems. It is sometimes recommended for treating headaches and earaches. It is helpful in treating fevers and bronchitis. Holy Basil contains chemicals that reduce pain and inflammation. It also has chemicals that can lower blood sugar. Ayurvedic cough syrups usually contain holy basil. It is also an expectorant. A teas made of the leaves can be gargled to treat sore throats. Chewing the leaves is helpful for mouth sores and infections. It is said to strengthen the kidneys and it can help remove kidney stones. It strengthens the heart and reduces cholesterol. Holy basil is effective in preventing and reducing health problems caused by stress as it seems to function as an anti-stress agent. It acts like an insect repellent when taken internally. It protects from the damage of environmental toxins. It slows the aging process and improves health generally.

    Externally, it is sometimes used for ringworm and vitiligo (a skin disease that causes white patches). It can also be put on insect bites to reduce swelling and itching. You can also make eye drops from it to treat sore, tired eyes and weak night vision caused by lack of vitamin A.


Call Nothing Your Own

We live happily indeed, not hating those who hate us! Among men who hate us we dwell free from hatred! We live happily indeed, free from ailments among the ailing! Among men who are ailing let us dwell free from ailments!
We live happily indeed, free from greed among the greedy! Among men who are greedy let us dwell free from greed!
We live happily indeed, though we call nothing our own! We shall be like the bright gods, feeding on happiness!” ~The Dhammapada

    How can it be done? How can we live among hateful people, and not hate others also? How can we live among those who are sick (spiritually), and not get sick ourselves? How can we live in a social order based almost entirely on greed, the rights of the greedy, and the ridiculous belief that the greedy are somehow benefiting the rest of us by being greedy, and not fall into the trap of greed ourselves?

    The key is in the last part of the above quote: we claim ownership of nothing! Yes, it is a very difficult thing to do, especially in this age of greed and materialism, but it has been done by others and it can be done by us. It is what Jesus was talking about when he told the wealthy man that in order to become one of his inner circle of disciples, those to whom His true teachings were revealed orally, and never written, he would have to sell his property and valuable and give the money to the community (“the poor” being a term often used in those days for an Essene community because they individually owned nothing but pooled all of their resources for the benefit of the community). But that isn’t absolutely necessary. It is possible to “own” property, valuable, things, from a legal and social point of view, and still have the understanding that you don’t really own anything because you are not the creator. Even if, in a sense, you did create something such as, for example, you built your own home, simply remember that if it can be taken from you, or destroyed without your consent, then you don’t truly own it. Also, if you die some day, at least on the physical level, and you can’t take those things with you into the spiritual worlds (let me assure you that you cannot), then you never owned them at all. Not really. 

    Once we all realize this, we will be able to live together in peace and abundance (without greed, there is enough for everyone) and be able to do the work that really matters which is saving our souls, the souls of others, and our world.


Sun, Moon, Angels and Devils

    When the moon is dark, the sun may still shine for the light of the sun does not depend upon the moon, it comes from inside itself and from the other stars and from God on the spiritual level. On the other hand, if the sun became dark, the moon could not shine forth without it because the moon has no actual light of it’s own, no internal light, but only a pale reflection of the light of the sun. Yet, there are those who, for some strange reason, think that the moon is the equal of the sun.

    It is understandable than that the sun became a symbol of God and the spiritual worlds while the moon symbolizes Satan, the fallen angels, and the material worlds or worlds of darkness. The fallen angels are much like the moon in that they have no light of their own but can only reflect God’s Light. And just as a bright moon can sometimes confuse people into thinking they are looking at the sun, the fallen angels can deceive people into thinking they are true angels of God by reflecting light that isn’t there own. It confuses people because the terms darkness and dark beings causes us to expect such beings to appear in complete darkness, with no light at all, but that is not how it works. It is more a matter of the kind of light than the lack of it. The beings of darkness can only glow with material light while the true Light Beings glow with both spiritual and material light, though mostly spiritual, but, since most of us haven’t awakened the facilities that allow us to see spiritual light, we see only the material light and so both being look much the same to us.

    And while the sun is a symbol of God, it too is both a spiritual and a material thing. So before you rush to join some group engaged in some form of sun gazing for health and enlightenment, be sure it is one that is teaching you to gaze primarily at the spiritual sun, the Sun of Righteousness which awakens the soul and brings enlightenment by filling you with the Light of God, rather than one that is teaching you to gaze only on the material sun which may give you more energy, but cannot awaken the soul.