“Now some men must get up and depart
from evil, or all is lost.

The evil will in many evil men
makes an evil world-soul, which purposes
to reduce the world to grey ash.” ~D. H. Lawrence

    Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, heat waves, all kinds of crazy weather. Why is it happening and why at this time?

    Some people think that, because these are the end times, God is doing it to us to punish us, or teach us our manners. Although many prophets of many faiths have predicted such things in the end times, it doesn’t mean that God is doing it to us. We do it to ourselves by turning away from God and by making up religions based on our own beliefs and desires rather than what was truly taught by Jesus, Buddha, Moses and the others. We do it by not believing in anything but ourselves and our own selfish needs and desires. We do it by thinking we are isolated from each other and what we thing and do doesn’t effect anyone else.

    Thoughts and emotions control the material world. When we fill the world with hate and anger, when we think of doing violence, even if we don’t actually do it, we are generating the thoughts that control the Gaea mind, the mind of the planet that, for the most part, controls what happens here, at least on the physical level. Those thoughts also go up to the sun where the energy of the sun magnifies them and reflects them right back to us.

    That is why it is so important for us to practice self-control and keep our negative thoughts and emotions to a minimum. We cannot avoid them entirely, they are part of human nature, but we can limit them. We can also minimize there harmful effects by consciously countering them by deliberately sending out thoughts of peace, love, and harmony. Those thoughts too, will have an effect.


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