We all know that the Scarab was a sacred symbol in ancient Egypt, but what was it a symbol of?  The scarab was very much a solar symbol. When the Egyptians saw it rolling a dung ball around in the sun, they say this as a symbol of the sun rolling across the sky. It is also symbolic or immortality and rebirth. When the scarab eggs hatch and the young beetles pop out of the ground, they saw it as spontaneous creation and therefore a symbol of God’s creative power, and creativity in general. Another reason scarabs and other beetles were associated with the sun is that the sunlight would sometimes be reflected off their wings giving them the appearance of tiny suns. It also represents the higher self, the divine nature, that enters the lower nature, but is released when we die.

    Epiphanius once referred to Christ as “the scarabaeus of God”. It is believed by some scholars that the Egyption practice of mummification started with the observance by the priests of the process of metamorphosis in the scarab. As the scarab beetle came out of the pupa, the soul would rise to heaven out of the artificial pupa of mummification. The scarab also symbolizes victory over death (which is really just another way of saying immortality). The scarab as a symbol in Egyptian heiroglyphics is translated as “to come into being” or “to transform” so it is alss a symbol of transformation.

    The Egyptians were not the only ancients, ore even the first, too give symbolic significance to beetles. Ancient shamen sometimes wore crude beetle-shaped pendants as a symbol of there power to travel into the heavens or into the underworld just as a beetle can fly or dig into the ground. According to a South American native tribe, man and woman were modeled from clay by a type of scarab. In one myth of Sumatra, a beetle brings a ball of matter down from the sky to form the Earth. In Taoism, the scarab pushing his dung ball around symbolizes the hard work one must do to become spiritually enlightened. And, since the dung ball is rolled around under the sun, it is also indicating that the sun (the spiritual sun to be specific) is an important part of the process of achieving enlightenment. In parts of Europe, particularly Germany, the stag beetle was a symbol of Christ.

    Beetles are also symbolic of being grounding and keeping things simple. In dreams, seeing a beetle flying symbolizes good fortune is coming while seeing a scarab symbolizes resurrection and a need for humility.


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