Scripture: The Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah 38

Burst thy cage asunder, and even as the phoenix of love soar into the firmament of holiness. Renounce thyself and, filled with the spirit of mercy, abide in the realm of celestial sanctity.

The cage we live in is our false self, the self of the ego. We need to free ourselves from that false self, not by destroying it, but by moving beyond it to our true Self, our spiritual Self.


Information Please

Most everyone today knows that the physical universe is made up of matter and energy. But what is not so well known is physical objects, regardless of whether they are natural or man-made, are useless without instruction. According to theoretical physicist John Wheeler, who coined the term ‘black hole’ and developed the ‘wave function of the universe’ with Bryce DeWitt, the universe is more appropriately understood as information, with matter and energy as it’s result.” ~Edward Malkowski

    So light is carrying information and it is our interpretation of that information which gives us the universe as we see it. Of course we all know that a little information can be dangerous. Having some information can often cause us to make false assumptions. You see a small Christmas tree shape sticking out of a reef in the ocean and think it is some type of underwater plant when it is actually what we could call the tongue of a tube worm that you can’t see because it is buried in the reef. You see what you think is a wall not realizing you are walking past a large ship. When you only have a small amount of information, you are prone to making false assumptions and when we add up many false assumptions, we have a very distorted picture of the universe.

    This is especially true of the spiritual universe. Our physical senses do a fairly good job of interpreting the information found in physical reality, material light, but for most of us, spiritual Light is totally ignored. It is ignored because we haven’t been taught how to recognize spiritual Light and how to absorb it. If you are not tuned in to the correct frequencies, you won’t absorb that light any more than you could see the show on one TV channel while your set is tuned to a different channel. And that spiritual Light, which comes ultimately from God, but more directly, from the spiritual sun, contains information that is very useful to us. That information awakens our spirit and soul and without it, true spiritual growth is very limited if not impossible. So it behooves all of us to start getting that information by using the spiritual techniques that allow us to take in and understand the Infromation Factors in spiritual Light.


Spiritual Technology

    I’ve written before about technology, our over-reliance on it, and the belief that technology is going to solve all of our problems. Spiritual records show that civilizations in the distant past sometimes had a lot more technology than we thing they did but, in some cases, eliminated that technology when it was found to be turning people away from their spiritual destiny. Now let’s look at it from another point of view, the possibility of spiritual technology.

    There are a number of books available, most largely speculative, about the spiritual technology of ancient civilizations like Egypt and Atlantis but I’m not going to go into that. I’m more interested in the future and what can be done with the rapidly developing technology of today to make it more spiritual or at least spiritually neutral.

    At the most superficial level, you can obviously read spiritual books on a Nook or Kindle and listen to spiritual music on an iPod, but lets go beyond such obvious things. One simple thing that can be worked on is to develop devices the do not give off harmful radiation. While that is a physical benefit, it is also a spiritual one. Cell phones are a good place to start, but even televisions, computer monitors and some light bulbs give off some harmful radiation. One author I’ve read suggests that motors on things like refrigerators and air conditioners be tuned so that they produce soothing sounds rather than annoying ones. I would certainly appreciate an air conditioner that sounded more like Gregorian chants than a dish washer full of tin cups. We could make clothing that would help rather than hinder spiritual growth (remember the special robe of Jesus made from a single thread). We could build houses in shapes that enhanced the flow of spiritual energies in the living areas. We could stop making glass that blocks nearly all ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet is the most spiritual light and we all need exposure to it. We can also use our technology to study the energy in the foods we eat and eat those foods that improve our spiritual energy rather than those that nourish the body, but harm the spirit.  We can make lab-grown gems that are designed to best aid in spiritual growth.   And we can do a lot more with wind and solar power.

    Those are just a few of the ideas and I’m sure if you try you can probably come up with others. The point is technology may not be inherently beneficial, but it is possible to develop technology that is.


A 6000-Year-Old Planet

    Even though the Bible was composed as a religious instruction book, there are many Christians, especially Evangelical Christians, who consider it to also be a history book. Of course, there are some historical facts in it, but that alone doesn’t make it a history book any more that you could call a Stephen King novel a history book because it mentions a few historical facts.

    One of the oddest beliefs in this regard is that the genealogy listed in the Bible from Adam to Jesus accurately represents the complete history of the human race and therefore proves that the human race has existed for just about 6000 years and the planet has existed for just a few days more than that (interpreting the “days” in genesis as 24-hour Earth days).

    Let’s look at a few of the things that would imply if we accept this 6000 year age as historical fact. Despite all the scientific evidence that dinosaurs were on the planet for millions of years, the age of the dinosaurs really only lasted two or three years. The time it took for a large land animal to return to the sea and adapt to living there by becoming modern whales was about four hours. Dead dinosaurs and ancient vegetation manages to sink hundreds of feet below ground and turn into oil in a hundred years or so. Man went from caves and primitive stone tools and weapons to building the pyramids in a few hundred years then, for some strange reason, made little progress for about three thousand years. Trees grew a hundred feet tall, died, got buried, and turned into petrified wood all in a hundred years or so. Horses evolved from an animal the size of a house cat to it’s current size in two or three years, yet hasn’t changed at all in the past 5000!

    We just had a rare earthquake here in Virginia a few days ago. Earthquakes are caused by the continents drifting apart, according to the most widely accepted theory. Another theory with growing acceptance is that the planet is actually getting larger, puffing up like a balloon being filled with air, and that is what is actually pushing the continents farther apart. Yet, there is very little mention of earthquakes in the Bible. If things were happening as rapidly as the 6000 year age indicates, we should be having large quakes almost daily and that should have been occurring since the beginning.

    In short, the acceptance of the Bible as a complete and accurate history of the natural world simply doesn’t work.