The Story of Life

But from the moment when the monad acquires the dimensions and superior spontaneity of a cell, and tends to be individualized at the heart of a pleiad, a more complicated pattern appears in the stuff of the universe. On two counts at least it would be inadequate and false to imagine life, even taken at it’s granular stage, as a fortuitous and amorphous proliferation.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin    

    What Teilhard de Chardin is telling us is that when life first appeared in the primordial soup, it was not through the creation of a single cell, which then divided again and again to eventually fill the ocean, but rather that many cells, millions or possibly billions, were created simultaneously. Yet, these living cells, the earliest Earth life forms, show remarkable similarity. A similarity that would not be possible if this generation of life was random and undirected.

    What this tells us is that matter always tends to move from unorganized to organized and that the type of organization on each level is virtually identical in order to get the same results. And if this was happening to the entire planet, than the entire planet was being controlled by an organizing force, an intelligence. Further, there is no way that life could progress from the first relatively simple cells, to the multi-celled and all the way to the complex animals with many different types of specialized cells without a plan to follow, a pattern. That pattern is spirit and following a plan is, again, intelligence at work.


The Power of Negative Thinking

“Now some men must get up and depart
from evil, or all is lost.

The evil will in many evil men
makes an evil world-soul, which purposes
to reduce the world to grey ash.” ~D. H. Lawrence

    Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, heat waves, all kinds of crazy weather. Why is it happening and why at this time?

    Some people think that, because these are the end times, God is doing it to us to punish us, or teach us our manners. Although many prophets of many faiths have predicted such things in the end times, it doesn’t mean that God is doing it to us. We do it to ourselves by turning away from God and by making up religions based on our own beliefs and desires rather than what was truly taught by Jesus, Buddha, Moses and the others. We do it by not believing in anything but ourselves and our own selfish needs and desires. We do it by thinking we are isolated from each other and what we thing and do doesn’t effect anyone else.

    Thoughts and emotions control the material world. When we fill the world with hate and anger, when we think of doing violence, even if we don’t actually do it, we are generating the thoughts that control the Gaea mind, the mind of the planet that, for the most part, controls what happens here, at least on the physical level. Those thoughts also go up to the sun where the energy of the sun magnifies them and reflects them right back to us.

    That is why it is so important for us to practice self-control and keep our negative thoughts and emotions to a minimum. We cannot avoid them entirely, they are part of human nature, but we can limit them. We can also minimize there harmful effects by consciously countering them by deliberately sending out thoughts of peace, love, and harmony. Those thoughts too, will have an effect.


Feed Your Head (by Cherokee Billie)

Another guest author article.


Feed Your Head

By: Cherokee Billie

Did you know that your brain needs eighty five percent of your nutrition? Guess what? The average diet only gives the brain fifteen percent nutrition. So what can you do to change this condition?

First off start with the food you eat daily. Food consumed today is pretty much recreational; there is very little nutritional value. One of the reasons natural supplements are needed today is based on the fact that our food no longer contains nutrients. Also due to time and convenience people eat on the run.

What we perhaps have forgotten in the search for health is getting back to pure whole food. That means food grown in rich soil and not processed in any form. Over 100 years ago people ate whole unprocessed foods. The soil was alive providing foods rich in vitamins and essential minerals. The Creator designed food to maintain and run our bodies effectively. A good example of how maintenance should occur is by using your automobile as an example. To effectively run your automobile you would give it the correct fuel to ensure its performance. You would make sure that it had the correct gas and oil. You would not put in sugar or anything else that would clog the engine and cause it to eventually break down. Yet, every day we start our bodies’ engine without proper fuel and expect it to function to its highest capabilities.

There is no doubt that American food technology is largely responsible for a mass diet insufficient in optimum whole food. Due to economics and distribution the food industry has processed the natural nutrients out of foods. Even food grown in soil is chemically treated. Since the 19th century the technology of canning and milling foods has led to processed foods making up the greater portion of the American diet.

In 1940 processed foods represented only 10% of the American diet. By 1970 it consisted of 50% of the American diet. By the year 2009 processed foods represent over 85% of the American diet. Due to reasons of budget and convenience Americans choose processed chemically altered foods. Unfortunately this results in dietary shortages and disease, leading to very expensive medical and hospital bills. Third world countries have less heart disease and cancer then the United States due to less consumption of processed chemically altered foods, they consume more whole foods.

When our food is hydrogenated, homogenized, refined, microwaved, preserved, emulsified, pasteurized, chemicalized, colored, bleached and sterilized what real nutrition do you expect to receive from these foods?

Optimal Brain Nutrition Natural Supplements have been found to reverse many conditions that were unable to be treated by any other modality; this has been documented by many different health organizations. The quality of the supplement has to do with the effectiveness of treatment. Natural supplements with careful quality control procedures can mean the difference between success and failure.

The supplements that feed the brain most effectively are, in order, as follows:

Spirulina. This tiny aquatic plant has been eaten by humans since prehistoric times and is grown worldwide as a healthy food. Imagine a vegetable with more protein than soy, more Vitamin A than carrots, more iron than beef, profound source of protective phytochemicals, naturally low in fat, source of the essential fatty acid GLA and is easy to digest. This food goes directly to the brain. It is An absolute must for people with Attention Deficit Disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and any brain disorders.

Lecithin is an important phospholipid needed by all living cells. One of many benefits of lecithin is its ability to aid in memory function and learning. Many studies have been conducted where people reported higher retention in learning and ability to recall information with an increase of lecithin. Even patients with Alzheimer’s disease reported an improvement in memory and orientation. Lecithin is essential for people with Attention Deficit Disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and any brain disorders.

The brain will readily absorb these nutrients and a person will see a change in how they feel mentally and physically very quickly with daily usage of these powerful supplements. Most people experience a change within two weeks of usage.

When it comes to eating protein food is readily absorbed by the brain. Fish and eggs feed the brain more effectively than most other protein foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for the valuable minerals and vitamins to energize the brain. Minimize carbohydrates such as bread, pastry and pizza.

Start feeding your brain today and have a happier healthy life!

About The Author:

I practiced as a doctor of Naturopathic medicine for over twenty years. I have extensive knowledge on the body and have written several articles on some of the main health issues and questions I have seen over the years. I specialize in the modalities such as: nutrition, supplements, physical medicine (includes soft tissue manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise and hydrotherapy) I am a World renowned Native American Psychic and have been working as a Clairvoyant advisor for over 25 years. I receive messages that changes lives! I believe in giving quality readings without breaking the bank.

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Random Thoughts 8-28-2011

    Another despot has seen his reign end, who will be next? There are still a number of them left in the world. It is interesting to note that Qaddafi’s army didn’t put up that much of a fight in many areas because they were not really loyal to Gadding & sons at all, they simply feared him, and that fear ended when they could see he was on the verge of defeat.

    A busy week with Libya, earthquakes and a hurricane. Hopefully, next week will be quieter.

    They noticed once again that animals were acting oddly just before the earthquake hit this area. Animals at the national zoo began acting strange anywhere from ten seconds to fifteen minutes before the quake depending on the species. Female monkeys grabbed their babies and went into shelters. Lemurs climbed high into trees. But how do you know, if you see an animal, or several animals, behaving oddly that an earthquake is coming? There may be a number of other reasons for odd behavior. Two days after the quake, I was sitting on my deck reading when my two dogs came up on the deck and sat very close to me. It is quite unusual for both of them to do that so I was worried, but nothing happened. They were probably just concerned about some approaching thunder storms.

Only a week to go until the annual convocation in Reno.

It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.” ~C. W. Leadbeater

A Catholic Church in Syracuse, New York has built a monument honoring a reverend who died in the 9/11 tragedy. Rev. Mychal Judge rushed into the burning building to try to help others escape. He was killed by falling debris. Rev. Judge was gay.

A recent poll found that most Americans want a president who is religious, although most don’t particularly care what church he or she belongs to.

Some conservatives are upset with the editor of The New York Times for questioning the religious affiliations of the Republican candidates and asking for them to clarify how their religious beliefs will affect their actions in office. Bill Keller, the editor, believes some of these candidates don’t agree with separation of church and state.