It seems like just about everything today is seen by most as a matter of “us” versus “them”. It’s the Democrats who are causing all the problems according to the Republicans. The Democrats, of course, say it’s all the Republicans fault. The Atheists say everything bad is caused by Religious people, while the theists say it is those who lack belief that are the source of the problem. Blacks blame whites, Europeans blame Americans, Moslems blame Christians and Jews, and on, and on.

    The real problem, if I haven’t made it obvious yet, is this whole attitude of “us versus them”. This idea that we need to divide ourselves into various groups, officially or not, only encourages this sort of mentality. After all, why join the X group if they aren’t superior to the Y group? So we join the group, whether it is a church, a political party, a street gang, whatever, and we then have to assume that we made the right decision, so our group must be better than the others.

    We need to get away from the egotistical idea that simply because we join a particular group, or are born into it, that group is automatically superior in all things to the alternative groups. The fact is: no one religion has the only truth and all the truth, no one nation has the only good and proper government, no one race has all the good, no group is all right making the others all wrong. Simply because you are right-handed, doesn’t mean you should chop off your left arm; it is still useful to you. We need to learn that we are all one, the universe is all one and we are all a part of that one, we are not seperate from it, or from anyone or anything in it. The best way to do that is to develop our spiritual side and our spiritual faculties. Spiritual people are always very accepting and tolerant of others because they know that we are all part of the whole and we are all responsible for everything that happens in it.


One thought on “Us and Them

  1. Jenna says:

    Good post, Harold! I’ve been thinking that the problem is the “us vs them” thinking for some time now. Until we get past that, we have no chance of internal peace in our country…let alone world peace on the larger scale.


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