I have written quite a few articles about gems, stones and crystals and there use as aids to spiritual development, but I realized recently that I have never mentioned metals and how they are used. I am now going to correct that omission beginning with post about iron.    

    Iron is considered a very masculine metal. An “Iron Man” is a strong, assertive, macho person likely to be stubborn and opinionated. A person, man or woman, who is reasonably strong in iron will have a strong personality. Such a person is likely to make a good soldier, a good “warrior” in any kind of battle. An iron person will make decisions quickly, and act on those decisions. Iron people are more into action than thinking or quiet contemplation. They are always on the go. They usually love sports as both participant and audience, but mostly as a participant. In business, they are likely to be managers and “A” types.

    When people have too much iron (I’m not talking about the physical sense as in taking iron supplements), they are likely to be very aggressive, even violent. Criminals, especially violent ones, are often people with too much iron in their makeup. These people could benefit from wearing silver jewelry which is more feminine and calming. Copper could also help as well as blue or purple gems and crystals.

    People who lack sufficient iron tend to be weak, wishy-washy, and indecisive. They are not very active, likely to be day-dreamers, and are easily swayed. These people can become more balanced by wearing jewelry containing iron or steel, carrying a piece of iron around in a pocket, putting a bit of iron under their pillow, or spending time on a mountain that has a lot of iron in it.

    In spiritual work, iron is useful as a grounding metal if one is too flighty, too blueish. It can help you turn those daydreams and ideas into positive action. Iron is also said to aid in travel to other realms, other dimensions.


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