One of the dangers of spiritual development is called a “Messiah Complex”. This is when the student is so impressed with his own spiritual or psychic development that he thinks he has become a living saint, an avatar, a messiah. The funny thing is, this often happens to those who have the least claim to such lofty titles, but their ego tells them different.

    When a student develops a messiah complex, he will often decide, after only a limited amount of instruction, that he somehow mysteriously passed the teachers and masters and now knows more than they do. They will usually leave the school thinking it has nothing more to teach them, and start one of their own or start writing books on a subject for which there knowledge is very much the tip of the iceberg. A good example of this is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who became famous as the spiritual guru of the Beatles. He became world famous with his teaching Transcendental Meditation, a simple meditation technique taught to beginning students that, while it has some benefits, is not, by itself, a path to enlightenment.

    This may be even more true of students of psychic classes. They may think that because they can guess cards better than the instructor, or move objects with their mind better, that they are better suited to be the teacher. This isn’t anymore true than the examples of the spiritual student.

    So how does one avoid the trap of the Messiah Complex? It’s usually not that difficult. First, learn to control your ego and not the other way around. Second, listen to your teacher. If the teacher is a good one, she will know when you have a state of enlightenment greater than her own and will either recommend a more advanced teacher for you, or send you off to start your own school. If the teacher doesn’t seem to think you have exceeded the schools ability to teach you, the teacher is nearly always right, so listen to the teacher, not your ego. Jesus spent something like seventeen years studying under the spiritual masters in Judaea, Egypt, and possibly other places, before He was ready to go out and teach on his own, so don’t let your ego convince you that you can do it after only a year or two of studying the basics.


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