Thought is energy and energy does work. That is not some wild new-age philosophy, it’s a scientific fact. The energy generated by your brain when you are thinking can be measured by electronic devices. There has even been some limited success in developing mind reading machines that can figure out what your thinking. So there is no doubt that thought generates energy or, at the very least, that our brain generates energy and that energy is altered by thought. As for the second part of the statement, “energy does work”, that is a very basic law of science and, just because we are spiritual, doesn’t mean we don’t believe is science. 
    So now that we all agree that thought is energy and energy does work, the question becomes: what work? The answer is very complicated. Unfortunately, you can’t look at something happening and say what specific thoughts are causing it, but you can make logical and general assumptions. We know that when a very negative person sends angry or hateful thought out to another, those thought can have a negative effect on that person that can very from just feeling a bit tired to developing a serious illness. That is why some spiritual schools teach people how to defend themselves against such attacks by reflecting that negative energy back to the sender. It is why monks and nuns used to wear hoods that hid there eyes to protect them from negative people sending them “the evil eye”. And when many people are sending out angry and violent thoughts into the world, we get a violent world full of storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. 
    So when those things happen, don’t blame God, he isn’t doing it, we are, and we can help end it, or at least minimize it, by countering those negative and angry thoughts by consciously sending out thoughts of peace, love, tolerance, joy, and other positive thoughts and emotions. It works best, of course, if you actually mean it.


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