The grasshopper is a spiritual symbol that represents longevity, happiness, good luck, wealth and abundance. They were also considered by some to be fertility symbols. The ancient Greeks often designed jewelry, combs, etc. with a grasshopper motif. It represented immortality in Greece. In Native American culture, it is an omen of good news, especially when one is seen on a spirit walk. Some of the other things that can be symbolically represented by a grasshopper are: patience, virtue, intuition, peacefulness, creativity and insight. The grasshopper is also considered a symbol of astral travel. 
    Seeing a grasshopper, especially where they are not often seen, or an unusual type of grasshopper, can be a message that you are on the right path and need to keep moving forward like a grasshopper. It can also symbolize that you will be successful if you jump right into something you are considering the way a grasshopper does or it may mean that you will overcome (jump over) some obstacle you are currently facing. 
    Seeing a grasshopper in a dream may indicate that your illness will get worse if you are currently ill especially if the grasshopper appears on withered leaves. Seeing one on green, healthy plants, may indicate an enemy is threatening your interests. A more positive interpretation is that seeing a grasshopper may indicate gaining freedom from something or spiritual enlightenment.
    I decided to write about the grasshopper after remembering an incident that occurred in my childhood. I was five or six years old and was playing outside in the summer with my younger brother. We spotted a white grasshopper in the field we were playing in. Not with a white stripe, but an all-white albino. We watched it jumping around and may have tried to catch it, I don’t remember for sure. I did a search online, and others have seen albino grasshoppers and even got a photo of one, so they do exist, though rare. In addition to the grasshopper symbology, I couldn’t find any symbolism that is associated with albinos in general, but symbols that are very sacred and spiritual to Native Americans are sometimes albinos such as the white buffalo and the white calf and often symbolize a spiritual renewal or rebirth so I am assuming that the same applies for seeing an albino grasshopper.


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Symbols: Grasshopper

  1. Tom Lampros says:

    We were visited by an albino grasshopper last night. He seemed to be translucent.

  2. Reverend Harold Boulette says:

    I am not a psychic or dream interpreter, so I can only give a limited answer. A grasshopper is often a symbol of intuition, so the dream could be telling you to trust your own intuition and feeelings rather that trying to do everything rationally or intellectually.

  3. Lori says:

    I had a dream two nights ago that a grasshopper jumped on me while I was sleeping. The grasshopper was stuck to my lower back, hip area. I reached. Around to swipe it away. I felr physical pain trying to get it off me. So I left it there.
    I told someone about a dream and was told there was spiritual symbolism.
    I have been praying for answers concerning a romantic relationship I have been in for 16 months. Should I stay or go. I am Having a difficult time commiting to marriage. On the other hand I am also having a hard time letting him go, even though maybe that’s the best thing for me.
    I am wondering if the symbolism is to take a leap of faith to commit and marry him?
    Or a leap of faith to be on my own and start over?
    Any insights?

  4. Yen says:

    Thank you very much for posting this… I had a dream this morning involving an albino grasshopper… and though I’ve never seen one in real life, I felt that it must have had a very deep and symbolic meaning. Your interpretations have definitely given me some things to think about and it’s good know that these meanings, for me at least, are nothing to be overtly worried about. 🙂

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