Wouldn’t it be great if we had an automatic spell checker of life? One that would turn those dumb ideas red just like spell checker turns misspelled words red (or underlines in red)? Well lucky you, such a thing is now available! It’s called a conscience. 
    Your conscience lets you know when something you have done, or are getting ready to do is wrong. But, like most spell checkers, it can’t take corrective action automatically. It is up to you to listen to your conscience and change your plans when it is warning you that you are heading down the wrong path. We are all familiar with cartoons where a little devil representing ego is sitting on one shoulder, and a little angel representing conscience is sitting on the other, and the person is trying to decide which one to listen too. It real life, it is usually a lot more subtle. 
    When we are young, our conscience is generally fairly obvious. We feel strange, perhaps a bit ill, when we are thinking of doing something wrong. Our hands may get sweaty and our heart beat change. It is this very thing that makes electronic lie detectors possible. They don’t really detect lies directly, they detect changes in the body, like those I already mentioned as well as others, that indicate that you are not being completely honest. And when we do something we know is wrong, we tend to feel this even more. Good parents often become expert at detecting changes in their children that tell them the kid has done something wrong and is trying to hide it.
    If we start ignoring our conscience and doing those things anyway, after a while we stop noticing the signals that our conscience is sending us. It’s like slowly turning the volume down until we reach the point where we don’t hear it at all. Sadly, that is what many people do. And then there are the sociopaths who apparently have no conscience at all, no sense of right and wrong. 
    So what is conscience? Modern science, specifically modern psychiatry, tells us that conscience is just an intellectual facility that we develop based on what we are taught by parents, teachers, ministers, and others. Religious people sometimes think it is a guardian angel speaking to you, which is where that cartoon concept came from. Others say it is our soul speaking to us. 
    I think the last is closest to the truth. We all have a true self, a self that is immortal, pre-existant, and knowledgeable about the worlds of spirit, the worlds of Light, and how things affect us and the world around us. That true self tries to communicate with us and, in most people, succeeds to some extent in those guiding moments we thing of as conscience speaking to us. So what about that sociopath? Does he have a true self? I don’t really know, but I think he must have one, but his ability to communicate with it has been completely destroyed somehow.
    So, if you are finding that you spell checker of life is not working too well anymore, it isn’t because it is broken, it is because you have stopped listening. So you need to work on relaxing and removing those mental blocks that are clogging up those lines of communication and you will find yourself living a happier, and in many ways better life, with that communication working properly.


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