Conscience: Spell Checker of Life

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had an automatic spell checker of life? One that would turn those dumb ideas red just like spell checker turns misspelled words red (or underlines in red)? Well lucky you, such a thing is now available! It’s called a conscience. 
    Your conscience lets you know when something you have done, or are getting ready to do is wrong. But, like most spell checkers, it can’t take corrective action automatically. It is up to you to listen to your conscience and change your plans when it is warning you that you are heading down the wrong path. We are all familiar with cartoons where a little devil representing ego is sitting on one shoulder, and a little angel representing conscience is sitting on the other, and the person is trying to decide which one to listen too. It real life, it is usually a lot more subtle. 
    When we are young, our conscience is generally fairly obvious. We feel strange, perhaps a bit ill, when we are thinking of doing something wrong. Our hands may get sweaty and our heart beat change. It is this very thing that makes electronic lie detectors possible. They don’t really detect lies directly, they detect changes in the body, like those I already mentioned as well as others, that indicate that you are not being completely honest. And when we do something we know is wrong, we tend to feel this even more. Good parents often become expert at detecting changes in their children that tell them the kid has done something wrong and is trying to hide it.
    If we start ignoring our conscience and doing those things anyway, after a while we stop noticing the signals that our conscience is sending us. It’s like slowly turning the volume down until we reach the point where we don’t hear it at all. Sadly, that is what many people do. And then there are the sociopaths who apparently have no conscience at all, no sense of right and wrong. 
    So what is conscience? Modern science, specifically modern psychiatry, tells us that conscience is just an intellectual facility that we develop based on what we are taught by parents, teachers, ministers, and others. Religious people sometimes think it is a guardian angel speaking to you, which is where that cartoon concept came from. Others say it is our soul speaking to us. 
    I think the last is closest to the truth. We all have a true self, a self that is immortal, pre-existant, and knowledgeable about the worlds of spirit, the worlds of Light, and how things affect us and the world around us. That true self tries to communicate with us and, in most people, succeeds to some extent in those guiding moments we thing of as conscience speaking to us. So what about that sociopath? Does he have a true self? I don’t really know, but I think he must have one, but his ability to communicate with it has been completely destroyed somehow.
    So, if you are finding that you spell checker of life is not working too well anymore, it isn’t because it is broken, it is because you have stopped listening. So you need to work on relaxing and removing those mental blocks that are clogging up those lines of communication and you will find yourself living a happier, and in many ways better life, with that communication working properly.


When to Be Helpful

Tell the maiden whose hair shines in the sun that she is the daughter of the morning.
But if you shall behold the sightless, say not to him that he is one with the night.” ~Kahlil Gibran

    It is helpful to to tell those who are seeking enlightenment whatever you can to get them on the right path. It is good to compliment them when they are making progress. Sometimes, it is even good, when you meet someone with potential, but who is still “sleeping” to give them a slap to wake them up.     

    It is pointless, however, to waste time telling those who are lost to darkness, that they are lost in the dark. First, they won’t believe you because what you can see is darkness, they think is a form of enlightenment. Second, even if you convince them that they are stumbling about in the dark, if they do not have the potential to awaken their soul and become enlightened, then you are not aiding them by informing them that they are one of the lost. Let them live their pointless lives in what limited happiness they can have, and who knows, they may actually accomplish something useful to all despite being spiritually lost. Also, you can open yourself to psychic attacks from those trapped in the dark who become angry when you point out their condition.

    Of course, part of the problem is knowing who falls into which group. We all like to think that all of our friends and relatives have the potential to become enlightened, but that is an unrealistic expectation. So if we know that a person, no matter how much we love them, is not, and never will be, interested in spiritual development, we should not bother trying, but, if we think there is some possibility that they will awaken, or can be awakened, then we should try. But we have to learn to not be too disappointed when we fail, because there are those who simply cannot be awakened, and those who may be ready at some time in the future, but not now. On the other hand, there may be people we really don’t like, but we recognize that they are seeking truth and need a little guidance. We should give that guidance as part of our duty, even if we don’t care for the person.


Subtle Bits of Egotism

    Those of us involved in spiritual development know that egotism is something to avoid and we try to do that, but sometimes, in subtle ways, our ego let’s us know it is alive and well. We may think that we have escaped from egotism because we are not seeking out fame and fortune, but that is not always true.

    If you do something good do you get just a little upset or disappointed because you don’t get any credit for it? If so, that is your ego speaking. If you help some people and they don’t acknowledge it, does that bother you? That too is egotism.

    I can remember way back when I was a teenager walking home from school one day with my best friend. The first few blocks were down Main street where most of the stores and restaurants were located. A couple of people were looking down at something in front of one of the stores, a store that was not opened at that time, but was full of toys. We looked down too and saw smoke coming out of a basement window. We knew this store belonged to Mr. Morton who also owned and ran another store across the street, so we ran over there and told him about the smoke. He asked us to go back and look behind the building to see if we could tell if there was actually a fire or it was just something like a furnace smoking. When we got to the back of the building, there was no doubt. The rear door was on fire and there was already a fist-sized hole burned through it. We ran back and told Mr. Morton who then called the fire department (no 911 back then). The next day, when we read about the fire in the local paper, my friend and I were both disappointed. We knew that Mr. Morton knew our names, but all it said in the paper was that the fire had been reported to Mr. Morton by “passerbys”. We wanted to see our names in the paper: egotism. Of course, I wasn’t trying to be spiritual back then, but the story is just to make a point.

    Unlike some other spiritual writers, however, I am not going to tell you that your ego needs to be squashed, eliminated, destroyed and killed. That is not necessary, and not even wise. If you are a fan of Star Trek, you may remember the episode where Captain Kirk was split in two by a faulty transporter. One of the Kirks was very kind, gentle, philosophical and intelligent. The other was aggressive, fearful, emotional and egotistical. When an important decision had to be made, Kirk #1 couldn’t do it. He needed a bit of ego in order to be decisive. 

    That was fantasy, yet the point it made is very true. We need our ego, we just can’t let him run things so be aware when ego is showing up and don’t let him take over.


Illness and Healing

I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections.
And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that
I am ill.
I am ill because of wound to the soul…” ~D. H. Lawrence

    People today are very concerned about their health, far more than most people in the past. While many remain unconcerned, mote people today worry about getting enough exercise, eating the right foods, avoiding harmful substances like cigarette smoke and pesticides. And yet, with all this worrying and trying so hard to be healthy, we really haven’t improved our health much, if at all. 
    One reason for that is we concern ourselves too much with the physical aspects of health, and possibly the mental, but totally ignore the psychic and spiritual. Since physical, mental, psychic and spiritual are all part of what we are, we need to work on all four to become truly healthy. What’s more, if we think of our physical body as the lowest level of ourselves and our spirit as the highest, than we can understand why efforts at the physical and mental level will have limited results if the true problem exists at a psychic or spiritual level. Further, a healthy spirit and psychic body can often cure illnesses that at the mental and physical levels. 
    This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the physical body and eat junk food and never exercise, but it does mean that, in addition to eating healthy and exercising, you need to nourish and exercise you psychic and spiritual bodies also. You exercise them simply by using them, and feed them with with God’s spiritual light which we get primarily from the spiritual sun.