Down and still
the superior persons, though somewhat inferior,
are still superior.

They are still superior, so there must be something they are superior to.” ~D. H. Lawrence

    No matter how inferior we may be, we all want to be superior. We can do that with self-improvement, but that is hard work. An easier way to be superior, is to find someone else who is even more inferior than us and then we can feel so superior to that person. The crook need not feel inferior when he can point out how superior he is to the murderer. The liar need not feel inferior when he can point to someone who tells whopper after whopper and makes millions doing it. The sick kid who hangs stray cats can feel superior to the CEO of GoDaddy who shoot elephants for fun or the CEO of Facebook who believes you shouldn’t eat what you won’t kill so he takes field trips to slaughter houses where he has slaughtered a pig and a goat so far. No matter how inferior you are, if you can find someone inferior to yourself, you can be superior. 
    But what happens when you turn and look in the other direction? When you look at those who have fewer and lesser faults than yourself? Than you are going to feel inferior again. 
    Since we are all one, we are all superior and we are all inferior. We are all responsible for each other so the only way to truly become superior is if we all do it together.


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