Conch, and other sea shells, are often collected to use as decorations or as a souvenir of a beach vacation. Sea shells also have spiritual symbology. Generally, they are associated with the feminine side of life: birth, regeneration, marriage, fertility, etc. They also represent water, life and love. Shells represent the universal matrix, probably because of the spiral shape of many shells. In China, they represent good fortune and a good life in the afterworld. In Christianity, they often represent baptism, resurrection and funerals. A scallop shell, or a dish shaped like one, is often used in the baptism ceremony. Shells can also represent a journey across the sea, a material sea or a spiritual one. In the Catholic church, a sea shell is a symbol of pilgrims. The Romans also considered sea shells to be symbolic of prosperity. Woman in India sometimes sew cowrie shells into their garments to aid fertility.
    The conch shell is more often considered a solar symbol, representing both the rising and the setting sun. In Buddhism, the conch represents the voice of Buddha and it’s call is said to awaken one from ignorance. In Islam, it represents hearing the divine Word. In ancient Greece and Rome, the conch shell was the symbol of the sea god. In Hinduism, it is also symbolic of Vishnu as lord or the waters. The Mayans also associated the conch with waters and with sea gods. The spiral shape also represents infinity. 
    The Nautilus shell is symbolic of creation, perfection, and the beauty of nature. It is also a symbol of the golden mean. It is also symbolic of strength and long life since the nautilus has been around for millions of years. It is also a symbol of expansion and renewal.
    In dreams, sea shells often represent the unconscious mind. They can also mean that you are feeling cut off from others or you are feeling a desire to withdraw from others, or from criticism.   


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