A hearth or fireplace is a symbol of our own spiritual center and the spiritual fire that burns within. Since the hearth was often considered to be the center of the home, as a spiritual symbol, it indicates that spirit is the center of our being, our true self. Since a hearth or fireplace is related to fire, like fire it can also symbolize spiritual transformation, purification, energy (especially spiritual energy), and strength. It is also, of course, symbolic of the spiritual sun which brings God’s Light into our spirit and soul. As the hearth was also the center for family gatherings, it also symbolizes family, togetherness and brotherhood. It symbolizes working together for a goal, especially a spiritual goal. 
    In dreams, a fire burning in a fireplace is said to symbolize a family gathering while an empty fireplace symbolizes a lose of some kind. Sitting alone by the hearth symbolizes happiness in love while sitting by the hearth with family members indicate long life. A lit fireplace also symbolizes contentment and comfort. Seeing yourself lighting a fire in a fireplace indicates that you have an unfulfilled yearning or desire, perhaps one that you are not aware of on a conscious level. Seeing a fireplace with a very small flame could symbolize the need to work harder on spiritual growth before that fire goes out. On the other hand, seeing a too large fire that is out of control may be a warning that you are taking in too much spiritual light and not sharing it which will eventually harm you. It’s important to share the Light.


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