Aren’t levees a fantastic invention? Now, instead of nature deciding what areas will be flooded and what areas will be spared, politicians get to make the choice. Isn’t that a wonderful improvement?

 A reminder that God isn’t the one causing the floods, tornadoes, etc.  It is our contnued refusal to live according to God’s law and follow God’s plan that is causing it.  And it will continue, and probably get worse, until we wake up.


The annual convocation in Reno this year will include this two day conference open to the public. The focus of the conference will be on healing sounds and vibrational therapy. One of the scheduled speakers is Joshua Leeds who I’m familiar with through his book “Through a Dog’s Ear”. Over the next few months, I will post information about the guest speakers.


The PAST is for evaluating and learning from its memories and lessons;
The PRESENT is for living in accordance with the constructive benefit of the
knowledge and experience gained in the past;
The FUTURE is for the charting of Life’s course into new directions, wherever
indications of possible improvement exist
.” ~Ruth Dyke








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